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Is Building Your Own PC Cheaper than Buying?

You have been wanting a new computer for some time now and have, therefore, been wondering if you need to build one at home or go for those displayed at your neighborhood electronics shop. You might have heard many people say that it is cheaper to build than to buy, and you are now confused which option to choose.

But, the bottom line is, if you want to own a computer, the dynamics involved in choosing to either build one at home or buy from the shop go beyond whether it’s affordable in terms of money. Why? Read on to find out:

The Effort Involved

If you opt to build your own PC, especially if you are doing it for the first time, there will be a lot of research, patience, time and energy involved. You are also going to have to order parts of your future PC in bits, sometimes from a number of different vendors. There is definitely going to be a number of OMG moments that have in the past made even the most enthusiastic of PC builders wish they had gone for a Dell or HP instead.

With that in mind, you need to start from somewhere if you are looking to build your own PC. Begin with the basics before you can move to the complex. For instance, if you have never disassembled a PC and installed components such as a new video card or hard drive, try that first. It will make you much more familiar with computer components and how they are assembled together.

Cost is Actually a Factor

While individually buying your PC parts could be cheaper, if you had to do so from multiple vendors and did a lot of separate shipping, then the overall cost could end up offsetting the savings.

However, there are options that may go a long way to help you save on the purchase of the PC parts. For instance, you could buy all of them from Amazon and ship together. Alternatively, you can use the services of a website like and get ideas on where to get started with picking affordable PC parts and how to get discounts and rebates with free shipping. Finally, since retailers know that gamers are often looking to build their own computer, some are selling parts in combos and coupon codes that cut down the overall price, while they also come with some free games as an extra package. Remember to compare many offers, look in different shops and make use of coupons, which you can find here, which will certainly help you pay less.

The Convenience with Parts

With the kind of competition that is currently going on in the PC market, vendors are including more and more software and parts in their packages to attract customers and beat the competition. For instance, if you purchase a pre-built machine today, you are almost certain that it will come with its own pre-installed copy of Windows (which would usually set you back by up to $100 if you bought it separately), a mouse, a keyboard, a monitor and even speakers. However, if you decide to build your own at home, you are going to have to purchase all these things on your own, something that can see the overall price going north fast.

In summary, all we can advise is this: if you want a basic, lower-end computer, then there is no need for all the hassle involved in building one at home. But if you want a PC for more specific needs like gaming, a PC that you can customize the way you want and easily upgrade whenever necessary, then consider building.