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IPhone 7 – The One Stop for All Smartphone Requirements

Now, all your hands will be up in the air. Why so? The so called premier and prioritized iPhone 7 smart phone is on its way to climb peaks. Today, we here at Out Tech Blog would like to discuss about the latest Arrival of 2015 (i.e. 😉 iPhone 7, its Price, launch, release date and Price in India.

Do iPhone 7 hit Mobile Market Completely?

Yes!! Sources say the iPhone 7 – Without making compromises in designing, added features the firm is coming with a mild launch and soon will hit global market, it will be having more feature as its preceded Smart Phone that is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

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Is iPhone 7 going to have series like iPhone 6, 6S?

Certainly No, there will not be any such series henceforth. However, it is something like surprise from Apple to all of us by ditching I-phones with series but, now all those games come to end.

Although, most of the internet bloggers, writers started posted articles on iPhone 6S (assuming to be the next flagship from Apple) on their blog and websites but, finally the name is now turned out to be iPhone 7.

As far as we concern with Apple Official Website – we are also not so sure about exact name and release date of iPhone 7, anything can happen with Apple.

What is more in iPhone 7?

Aforesaid report says that – There will be definite chances of added feature will be there in iPhone 7; what is that feature Force Touch Display – It will tell you instantly about your touch like weather you are tapping or pressing, depending upon the touch it will detect.

The mild guess of iPhone 7 release date is September 8th 2015 why so like that? Yeah!! Apple is on Descending mode (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled released on 9th Sep, iPhone 5 and 5S Release date was Sep 12th) while the features of their handsets are in ascending mode (Keeps on increasing and more secure).

IPhone 7 Leaked Images

No, there are no such updates from main source; however we are still striving to give you first look of iPhone 7.

IPhone 7 Features (Expecting) at a Glance:

· 4.7inch screen

· Aluminum chassis

· It will be available in three variant colors.

· A9 Processor

· 21 Megapixels

· RAM – 2GB LPDDR4 memory

· Apple’s new iPhone 7 will be manufacturing using new 14-nanometer process.

· Price: Not Yet Conformed.

Wrapping Up

So far we covered the rumors about the most awaited Smartphone – iPhone 7; we have covered only few points, we will keep on updating this article as the new reports emerged. If you still have any more queries or have any concerns then do let us know through comments.