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iPHONE 7 Rumors, Features, Specifications and Price

Apple Inc. is the brains behind the illustrious iPhone series of phones or rather smartphones. The iPhone is quite distinctive device being the only mobile device flaunting Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The iPhone presents a swift and smooth lustrous interface, loaded with plenty of useful apps that are easy to use. While users are still getting used to the recently launched iPhone 5c and the 5s, Apple lovers are looking even far ahead as speculations talk of the iPhone 7 launch. These debates and rumors may possibly lead to potential buyers skipping to buy the current series of the iPhone and await the iPhone 7. This new device is said to be more powerful, lighter, more intelligent, and more dominant than it has ever been. This will definitely make the current series of the iPhone stay longer on shelves.

iPhone 7 Features

Talk of impressive, cutting-edge apps and user friendly, then you are referring to the iPhone smartphone features. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Display; the iPhone 7 screen will be expected to come packed with a larger screen than iPhone 5 making users wishing to watch movies or images experience better viewing. It’s also rumored the device will not feature the normal physical home screen button.
  • Camera; A 20 megapixel camera on the rear and a front facing 8 megapixel camera are the probable features for the iPhone 7. Allowing users experience clear and crisp images.
  • Processor; For the iPhone 7, a processor providing super fast processing of multiple tasks is expected to feature. A quad core A8 or higher is a possibility.
  • Memory; with current smartphones packing about 64 GB to 256GB internal memories, by the release of the iPhone 7, its expected the demand will be even higher for bigger memory. If they are to offer two models, one will be expected to feature up to 256GB.
  • Projector; Currently Apple is rumored to be developing an in built projector for a device they don’t reveal which. But it is highly believed it will be the main app for the iPhone 7, enabling users’ project movies on a wall.
  • 4G connectivity; the smartphone will obviously be expected to go with the technology of its time. Lightening speed internet surfing will be experienced on the iPhone 7.
  • Battery; With improved processor, high memory, a projector and LTE connectivity, no doubt the iPhone 7 will be loaded with a battery that runs for long. They might replace the old Li-On for the newer organic ones.

iPhone 7 release date

The Iphone7 will be expected to hit the shelves by end of 2014 or early 2015. Statistics show that Apple usually releases new devices around the end of every year, probably the last three months. And with this Apple has never gone wrong.

iPhone 7 Price

The new revolutionary features coming with the iPhone7 means that the fans should be ready to spend slightly higher for this model than its predecessors. The price tag for this device is expected to be $650 to $850 in most countries when it launches. Stiff competition from the Android devices also known to release about the same time the iPhone is set to release, means that Apple will not want to go overboard with its price.


When it comes to the speculations and the rumors, the conversations will never end. This will rest only when Apple themselves officially gives statements or releases images of the iPhone 7. But on the flip side, fans will be looking forward for the iPhone 8 or 9. So the debate goes on.