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Should You Get an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 ?’s iPhone remains the most popular phone and shows no signs of losing its strong, dedicated customer base. However, with some excellent specs and features, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the biggest competitor to the iPhone’s dominance and is also a fantastic phone in its own right.

So if you are stuck between the Apple and Samsung offerings, read on for some help in making your decision.

Build quality

The iPhone oozes quality with an aluminium case – this makes it feel hard though surprisingly light and feels like a really premium item. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S4 continues with the same plastic casing that was found on its predecessor – something which many feel is a bit of a cheap alternative. It does have a removable battery cover though which can be an advantage if your handset develops a fault.

Winner: iPhone 5


Cost is one of the most important things of a mobile phone comparison. While iPhones are always going to come at a premium price, at the moment you’re looking at fairly similar monthly contract prices for both handsets, with around £33 being the standard tariff. The difference is that the S4 has only just been released and is likely to drop in price further still, while the iPhone 5 came out last September. The Samsung Galaxy S4’s memory size can also be expanded very cheaply with a micro SD card, while the iPhone’s storage size is fixed, with the models with more memory costing much more than the standard 16 GB phone.

Winner: Galaxy S4


The app debate is one that can go on and on for both IOS and Android fans. On one hand, iPhone users usually get apps first and those available on iTunes are generally less buggy and are more reliable. On one hand you have far greater choice with Android phones, and the fact you are not ‘locked in’ with your selections like you are with iPhones makes it edge this one.

Winner: Galaxy S4


With so much modern technology packed into such a small system neither phone can claim to be perfect in the reliability stakes. The iPhone is a constant development of a revolutionary product which goes from strength to strength, while the Samsung has so much power and high-tech features which can, at times, make it struggle to cope. However, it’s still early days for the S4 and updates are likely to improve it in the near future.

Winner: iPhone 5


There’s absolutely no doubt with this one, the iPhone will always be considered the ‘cool’ phone to be seen with and definitely wins on the image front. Apple really do design beautiful products and the iPhone 5 is the best yet. The huge screen of the Samsung is more an acquired taste, though it is certainly the best looking Galaxy S model so far with a thin and sleek design bound to interest large numbers of buyers.

Winner: iPhone 5

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