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iPhone 5 Remains a Great Value and an Incredible Phone

Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone 5 anymore; not since it released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Although you won’t find the iPhone 5 on any Apple store shelves, third-party retailers still stock the device and offer it at a reduced cost. Did you have a look at this sleek phone with a wide touchscreen and think, gee, that still looks relatively new? If so, you’re in good company. Although it’s not the most recent iPhone, the Apple iPhone 5 is still an incredible phone with a number of satisfying features.

The iPhone 5 is Still Relatively New

The iPhone 5 was first released in the fall of 2012 (just in time for the holiday shopping season), which isn’t too long ago; however, in technology years it can seem like this phone is aged far beyond its prime. Despite this, the 4-inch display and supreme 4G LTE support are highly technological features that are still desirable today.

The iPhone 5 has Way More Accessories

Because it’s been out for longer, and was so incredibly popular, the iPhone 5 has an incredible amount of accessories. Due to its low price and huge improvement over its predecessor, the iPhone 5 sold millions of devices at its launch. Since then, it has remained a very popular phone, and that’s why accessory designers continue to produce cool gadgets to use with the phone.

Here’s a sampling of the cool accessories you can attach to your iPhone 5:

·  Speaker docks

·  External camera lenses (mount it to bikes, helmets, and more)

·  And, millions of high-quality cases with cool designs

The iPhone 5 is housed in a sleek aluminum case, but it isn’t accident proof. To protect the 4-inch display and the phone’s casing, you’ll need an impact absorbing case, such as the iPhone 5c cases offered by Incipio. The cases feature unique designs and are durable enough to keep your phone safe, should you drop it.

It Remains a Highly Rated Phone

If you’re like the 2,500 reviewers who provided their feedback to Trusted Reviews, you’ll love your iPhone 5. These users rated the iPhone 5 a 9.2 out 10 for ease of use, “9.1 for features and 9.1 for design, clearly showing that it also has a lot going for it.” Moreover, the phone retains resale value (for when you upgrade) because of its continued popularity.

The iPhone 5 has No Power Penalty when Using 4G LTE

Does your current phone lose battery life faster when it’s connected to 4G LTE? Laptop Mag reports that “Many Android phones with 4G LTE last less than 5 hours on our battery test. This involves continuous Web surfing over cellular on 40 percent brightness.” The iPhone 5 stood out during testing because it’s capable of operating for 7 hours and 13 minutes while connected to 4G.  

It’s Still Really Fast

If you’re upgrading from the iPhone 4, you’re in for a real treat. The iPhone 5 is twice as fast, and is faster than most comparable Android phones. This is due to the A6 chip located inside the device; it’s powering you for faster downloads and web browsing, among other tasks.

Laptop Mag puts it this way: “In everyday use, the iPhone 5 proved snappier than the S III and slightly more responsive than the One X.”

Overall, in terms of design and features, the iPhone 5 remains a high-quality phone and a great buy for anyone who’s interested in it. It has wow factor, and it will wow you; especially, if you’re using something currently older than it is.