Introducing Cannabis and its Health Benefits to Users

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant, also known as Cannabis Sativa. The plant has been known to grow in the wild. It would be available in several temperate and tropical regions across the world. The cannabis plant could also be grown in almost any kind of climate. It has been cultivated largely using indoor hydroponic technology.

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It would be pertinent to mention here that the major ingredient in Cannabis is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. It would commonly be known as THC. It would be that part of the plant making you high. There has been a wide range of THC potency between cannabis products.

Different Forms of Cannabis

It would be pertinent to mention here that Cannabis has been used in three major forms:

  • Marijuana
  • Hashish
  • Hash oil

Marijuana is made from dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It has been the least potent of all available cannabis products. It is usually smoked or made into edible products such as brownies and cookies. It could also be smoked as well.

Hashish is manufactured from the resin of the cannabis plant. It has been dried, pressed, and made into small blocks to be smoked by the user. It could also be added to food for consumption needs.

Hash oil has been the most potent cannabis product. It has been thick oil obtained from hashish. The user could also smoke it.

Usually, Cannabis is smoked in a hand-rolled cigarette or special kinds of water pipes. The hand-rolled cigarettes are called joints, and water pipes are known as bongs. These special pipes could be purchased or made from various things, including soft drink cans, orange juice containers, and toilet rolls.

Number of people using Cannabis

It would not be wrong to suggest that Cannabis has been widely popular as an illicit drug in most US parts. When it comes to using Cannabis, a majority of people across the world have been using Cannabis. It has been widely consumed by people in the US alone.

Usage of marijuana has increased in the various states of the US and across the world as well.

Reason for people using Cannabis

Most people using Cannabis would do so to experience a sense of relaxation and mild euphoria. It would often be referred to as being high by the users. It would be pertinent to mention here that Cannabis would cause changes in the user’s mood and affect how they think and perceive the overall environment. It would include everyday activities such as listening to music and watching television, which could become highly intense for the user.

Various short-term effects of cannabis usage

The short-term effects of using Cannabis would be inclusive of the following:

  • Paranoia and anxiety
  • Dryness of throat, mouth, and eyes
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Loss of coordination
  • Enhanced appetite
  • Reduced nausea
  • Losing inhibitors
  • Drowsiness
  • Being more talkative
  • A general feeling of well-being

Different long-term effects of cannabis usage

It will help if you rest assured that there has been limited research on the long-term effects of regular cannabis use. However, on the available evidence, the primary adverse effects of long-term cannabis use have been as follows:

  • Reduced motivation in areas of work, concentration, and study
  • Reduced learning ability and memory
  • Enhanced risk of respiratory diseases associated with smoking, inclusive cancer

There have been various concerns about the link between the usage of cannabis and mental health issues and the risk of cannabis dependence. You can click here to gather adequate information on various topics about cannabis usage.

Is cannabis consumption good or bad for you?

The overall tension between the beliefs that marijuana has been deemed an effective treatment for different health conditions and the lack of scientific knowledge on the various effects would be largely intensified by the ongoing drive towards the legalization of the drug.

Let us delve into the scientific reasons for using Cannabis for its medical benefits.

Medical marijuana has been popular for treating chronic pain. It would be imperative to mention that chronic pain has been the leading cause of disability. It has been known to affect a vast number of people worldwide. It has been found that marijuana or products comprising cannabinoids have been deemed active ingredients in Cannabis and other available compounds acting on similar receptors in the brain as Cannabis. These have been considered effective in treating chronic pain.

Medical marijuana has been deemed effective in treating people’s dependence on alcoholism and opium dependency.

However, marijuana has been known to drive an enhanced risk of abuse, making people depend on other available substances.

  • Depression, anxiety, and PTSD

Medical marijuana has been popular for treating various mental health issues, including depression, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, there would be caution that marijuana has not been deemed an appropriate treatment for most other mental health conditions. It would be inclusive of psychosis and bipolar disorder.

  • Cancer

Evidence suggests that oral cannabinoids are deemed effective against vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy. Some studies have revealed that smoked marijuana might also assist in alleviating these symptoms. Some reflections on cancer cells show that cannabinoids might either slow the overall growth or kill some kinds of cancer.

  • Epilepsy

Several studies reveal that approved use of medical marijuana would comprise CBD (cannabidiol), which would prove effective in treating specific epilepsy.

CBD is one of the several substances that would occur in marijuana or Cannabis. It would be pertinent to mention here that the drug would be used for effectively treating the various kinds of conditions entailing a purified form of cannabidiol. The approval has been based on multiple findings, clinical trials, and research. You can click here for more information on Cannabis and its medical benefits.

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