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Interstellar, Social Shoot-Em-Up Uses Location-Based System to Build Communities

The new top-down, 3D shooter In a Space from Actoz Soft Co, Ltd (KOSDAQ:052790) just made its debut in the Canadian App Store, and this dual-stick shooter has a few novel tricks up its sleeve.  Curious gamers are likely to gravitate to this freely offered fresh launch thanks to a few creative twists the developers have included.


The first thing players will notice is the game’s location-based system for starting zone assignment.  The LDS will detect the player’s region and city, and assign them to a unique zone, where they can meet up with other local players online.  Players can form clans with other players, allowing them the opportunity to take over and defend cities in different zones by combining their resources and abilities with others in their clan.

In a Space offers plenty to appeal to the solo gamer, as well, however.  Its narrative storyline, quest-based progression, and achievement unlocks keep players focused on developing their characters and arsenals.  Non-stop trigger-happy action, unique battlefields, simple controls, and polished 3D graphics and animation make the time fly by as soon as a player picks up the game for the first time.  With over 140 special items and enhancements available, improving one’s base is a constant endeavor and progress comes easy—but ultimate power is difficult to attain.

The player finds themselves facing off against two shadowy enemies: the Citadel and the Custodian, galaxy-dominating baddies that have found a way to invade the player’s universe.  Players must defend their own territory and gain new ground while battling a wide array of different monsters boasting unique abilities. They’ll also find themselves up against ever-more-powerful bosses that require new strategies and tactics, as they cut down the forces that stand between themselves and the Custodian. Each mini-planet is a spherical battleground, adding a whole new flavor to dual-stick top-down combat that’s sure to please casual gamers tired of the same-old same-old.

In a Space can be downloaded now from the Canadian iTunes App Store, and it’s free to try out.  It’s compatible with iOS 6.0 and above running on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/in-a-space/id792572495?mt=8