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Intel CEO: OEMs being conservative towards Windows 8

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Windows 8 will be made available inside a number of new PCs and tablets, and many of them will have Intel-based processors inside. Yet it seems like, at least at the moment, PC makers still don’t know what the demand will be for new Windows 8 hardware.

Report Of Intel CEO reports that, during a conference call with financial analysts on Tuesday, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said, “Our customers are taking a cautious inventory approach in the face of market uncertainty and the timing of the Windows 8 launch.”

While Otellini added that he is still “very optimistic” about the launch of Windows 8, he also admitted that it will be a little while before we get a clear idea of what the final reaction will be from the PC industry. He said, “The darn thing hasn’t even launched yet. We’ll know a lot more about this 90 days from now.”

Intel has a lot of stake for the success of Windows 8, particularly for the tablet market. Intel will launch a new Atom-based processor, code named Clover Trail, that will be used inside a number of tablets running Windows 8. One report from IHS claims that even with the launch of Windows 8, the overall numbers of PCs shipped worldwide will go down in 2012.

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