Innovative photo wall ideas for you

If you are considering a new photo frames design on walls, then you have plenty of options to consider in this case. There are several creative ideas, which can be easily implemented as far as your photo frames are concerned. You can definitely set store by the following ideas:

  • Double Border Frame – Your special photographs should be prominently showcased at your home. You can always add embellishments by way of wood strips and hang the frames together in a gallery like design for combining three pictures at a time. You can always go for black and white photographs to create a special effect.
  • Graduated Layer Frame – This type of frame showcases a three dimensional effect and design theme, which goes well with all the poster printing online that you’ve done. Your best photographs will look marvelous in this theme. This can be used for hanging a single photograph or even a group of photographs for brightening up any room in your house. 


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  • Dollhouse Style – These are traditional photo frames which go well in case of any traditional or vintage memorabilia including a timeless picture or even stamps.
  • Lace Picture Frame Mat – A photograph that has a lace-print mat in the background makes for a really attractive display in any home.
  • Triptych – These are three picture frames which help you showcase your favorite moments as part of a sequence and works nicely in case of wedding pictures as well.
  • Labeled Frames – These photo frames retain that timeless aspect and become clear to all those who gaze upon the same. This lends the charm of an album to the pictures you hang on your walls. The next time you order wall posters online, keep this classic frame type in mind as well!
  • Rainbow Photo Mats – You can always liven up a black and white photograph by having the frame mat in a multitude of colors, much like a rainbow.
  • Family Photo Wall – You can always hang your cherished photographs from the wall with wide satin ribbon for company!
  • Classic Framing Styles – Have sepia photographs neatly framed by decorative trims which stick to a variety of surfaces when you heat them gently. The trim and images can be decked out with freestanding panels, which can be painted to perfectly match the walls. This takes some work but is worth the effort!
  • Row/Gallery – You can arrange and put horizontal and vertical photographs together cohesively in your living room with the same mat and frame for every photograph. The pictures can be hung one after the other with some space between them.
  • Photo Box Frame – These frames are lovely when it comes to storing images of special occasions/other vacations.
  • Doily Frames – These frames are charming and make sure of really gorgeous backdrops for your most special family photographs.
  • Cardboard frames for kids – These frames look cute and can be a major highlight in your child’s room.
  • Straw – Easy to cut and use, straw makes for a really innovative material for wrapping photo frames with!

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