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Innovative Features in Windows 10 Other Smartphone Makers should Copy

Microsoft made quite a few mistakes in the past, and perhaps one of the biggest of them was setting aside its mobile operating systems – Windows CE – and favoring desktops instead. Its first smartphone operating system, Windows Phone, was launched years after the launch of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The three-year delay – and Microsoft’s continuous shifting of focus to and from mobile – has cost the company a potentially strong position in the smartphone market, pushing it to the brink of extinction by today – in 2017, the market share of Windows Phone has dipped below 1% on a global scale. Which is a shame, since Microsoft’s latest smartphone OS, Windows 10, is an amazing collection of innovative features that other smartphone makers should – and probably will – copy.

What can a Windows 10 phone do?

Windows 10 on a smartphone can basically do everything its competitors can. A Windows 10-powered phone is perfect for everyday use. Its users can browse the web, listen to music, take pictures, play real money pokies, access their social media accounts, and watch movies and videos on their Windows 10 phones. The number of apps available for Windows 10 has grown at an amazing speed since its release.

Why is it so hard to switch to Windows 10?

It’s mostly because of the interface. Once you get to know it, Windows 10’s Metro interface is far more intuitive and user-friendly as its competitors. It’s simple, it’s fluid, and it makes you feel like actually using a phone, not a pocket-sized computer. The same Metro interface, thanks to its different approach, makes it hard for Android and iOS users to get used to it. It’s different enough to seem repulsive for many, which rules it out from the first sight.

Innovative features

Windows 10 has introduced two revolutionary features that might just represent the next step in the evolution of smartphones. One of them is Continuum, which allows a Windows 10 phone to turn into a desktop PC when attached to a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. This makes it perfect for business use – a company-issued phone can replace the laptop on a business trip or to a presentation.

Samsung is rumored to be working on a similar feature to be rolled out with its Galaxy S8. The phone will be fitted with a USB-C port instead of a Micro-USB one, which will allow it to connect to a series of peripherals, including external monitors.

Another feature in Windows 10 that would make a sensation is the concept of universal apps. Windows 10 users can download and install the very same apps on their desktop computers and smartphones. Why Google obviously can’t introduce such a feature, Apple – that runs both a desktop and a mobile ecosystem – could in the future invent something similar.

Windows 10 on smartphones is an undeservedly neglected operating system. It’s a pity it came too late to be viable.

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