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What does ‘ink expiration’ mean?

If you are a student or any hardcore professional, printing is one integral aspect of work which you cannot do away with.  Printing requires the best quality ink supplies along with highly compatible cartridges and toners.  While the cost considerations are taken care of with discounts and deals, longevity of cartridges and the ink quality require higher degrees of vigilance. Ink expiration comes along as one such constraint. Many online retailers like Cartridge Discount provide ink expiration dates on the replacement cartridges, which lets you plan better.

Going into the Details

Ink expiration is an aspect which needs to be analyzed in detail. If any ink carrying container is being used even after the microchip included inside has surpassed its built-in date, the device is said to have expired.  Upon reaching this juncture the ink starts losing its sheen owing to air ingestion and other factors involved. Not just the page quality but this constraint can also duly affect the cartridges as well, driving them completely redundant at times. Chemical composition of inks also needs to be taken into account while enumerating the ink expiration causes.

Are the Expiration Dates Legible?

Are they? The question remains pertinent as often the quality seems to degrade much earlier than expected. Ink expiration dates can thus be vague and highly dependent on multiple issues. The ink supply followed by the expiration of chemical shelf life is one consideration while the cartridge warranty is another. The date when the printer and associated supplies were installed shall also be looked at as this provides the exact timeline for the users to fall back on. Stamped date seen over the cartridges is an effective determinant which makes life simpler for the professionals by providing them with an approximated time frame.

The ‘Chip’ Factor

Technological innovation has its effect on the ink cartridges as well. This is evident in form of resettable versions of inkjet and toner supplies. Dates which are indicative of ink expiration are mostly stamped over these chips. Automated chips have also come up in plenty which can effectively disable a cartridge once the ink expiration date is reached, even if the container remains full. You might want to know how the ink expiration impacts the refill and reuse possibilities of the cartridge.

Initial Packaging and Override

Ink expiration can never be completely avoided but can certainly be pushed back with better and durable packaging. Airtight packets need to be used for supplying the replacement cartridges to the customers while avoiding contact with the heated surroundings. An ideal temperature range needs to be maintained for keeping the chemical composition of the inks intact thus making the products outlast their own shelf life with seamless ease.

All the above mentioned considerations need to be kept in mind for overriding the expiration dates and getting the best out of the varied printing supplies, especially the ink cartridges. This will certainly help you plan out your purchases better based on new technology.