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Infolinks vs Chitika – Who is the Boss of Text Ad Network?

Are you confused between Infolinks and Chitika? Do you want to know which display ad network is best for your website or blog? Then just keep your confusion out of your mind and read this article. You can easily come to a solution after reading this article. So, let’s start the comparison between these two legends of display ad network.

Infolinks vs Chitika – Overview


Although both Infolinks and Chitika are text based ad network there are some basic differences that help us to differ one from another. Infolinks is best for computer visitors as it provides InText and InTag ads which convert much better; on the other hand, Chitika is equally good for both PC and mobile visitors. Chitika started its journey in 2005 where else Infolinks was born in 2007. However, both networks are leading the online display advertising sector and working with some giant companies to give them maximum exposure.

Infolinks vs Chitika – Type of Ad network

If you consider the type of ad network both Infolinks and Chitika are same. Both of them are CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mile) based ad network. CPC method pays on the basis of clicks; on the other hand CPM method pays on the basis of every 1,000 impression. Although both of them are same type of ad network, their payment rates vary based on country and content of the site.

Infolinks vs Chitika – Type of Ads

Infolinks supports 5 different types of ads which are very different from the ads that are provided by other ad networks. These ads are not like typical ad banners. Below you can have a look of 5 different types of ads which are InText, InFold, InTag, InFrame and InScreen.


On the other side of the river ………

Chitika provides typical ad banners like most other ad networks including Google Adsense. Most interesting fact is Chitika ad banners are similar to Adsense ads but provides only text based display ads not image display ads. Here is a sample of Chitika display ad:


Infolinks vs Chitika – Apply and approval policy

Both Infolinks and Chitika are very friendly to new and small publishers. None of them required high monthly traffic volume. Any website or blog can be approved and get ready to show ads within 24 hours. Thus both of them are on the first choice of new and small website or blog owners. However, your website or blog need to contain minimum standard to get approved which is nothing more than having decent amount good contents on your site. Moreover, Infolinks has strict policy against adult sites but Chitika has no headache with this.

Infolinks vs Chitika – Ad setup and get ready to Go


As you already know that it’s very easy to get approved by both Infolinks and Chitika. Here is the second easy step to make money from your site which is integrating ads. In case of Infolinks you just need to put a single piece of code or install a plugin for CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) based sites and rest of the work can be done from the dashboard of Infolinks. I love this “One Time Integration” system of Infolinks very much as it’s like controlling RC car with a remote. However, Chitika ad integration is similar to other ad networks. Just select your piece of code and put it where you want to show the ad. In this case you need to put ad code many times and on many places of your site which makes the process a little bit lengthy. However, recently Chirika has introduced easy integration for WordPress, Blogger and Drupal which made the process easier than before.

Infolinks vs Chitika – Ins and Outs of Payment

There are some differences between the payment rates and system of Infolinks and Chitika. I made a table to show you the differences more clearly. Just have a look of below data table:

Paying rateGreatDecent
High paying countriesUSA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countriesUSA and UK
Payment periodNET30NET30
Payment methodsPaypal, Payoneer, Echeck, ACH, Western Union and Wire TransferPaypal and Check
Minimum payout$50$10
Getting paymentEasierEasy

Why Infolinks is better than Chitika?

There are some certain reasons of choosing Infolinks over Chitika. Most of the valid reasons are shown below:

· Infolinks Ad integration is easier and faster than Chitika.

· InText and InTag ads works extremely well as both of these ads look very natural.

· You can get very fast and high quality support from Infolinks team.

· Pays good CPM and CPC rates for tier one countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

· Ads are Geo targeted which increases the chance of clicks on ads.

· Accepts no Adult sites which is great for non-Adult sites to get high revenue.

· Accepts more payment methods which makes the payout system easier and faster.

· You will get weekly statistics direct into your mail, so you no need to log in several times to see the earning statistics.

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Why Chitika is better than Infolinks?

Let’s have a look over some reasons for which you need to go with Chitika.

· Ad banners are quite similar to Adsense which is a great chance to make good income.

· Can be used besides Adsense to boost up revenue.

· Payout threshold is very low ($10) which made the payment system faster.

· Ad banners automatically adjust with the background of website or blog which increases the chance of ad clicks.

· Well optimized for mobile visitors which helps to increase the revenue.

· Pays decent CPM rates for US and UK visitors.

· Silver and Golden publishers can dive into the ocean of money but it requires certain qualities.

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Final words

I tried my best to provide you a side by side comparison of Infolinks and Chitika. Although both of these are display text ad network but have some differences in the area of ad integration, ads showing, pay rates and payment methods. Now it’s your time to grab the right text ad network for your site. If you want, you can try both of them and test which one works best for your site and traffic sources.

By the way, I will be glad to hear about your previous experience (if any) with any of these ad networks. Besides don’t hesitate to inform me about any of my mistakes or missing part. Now it’s time to convert website or blog traffic in to money, isn’t it?