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Infolinks Review: The Best Advertiser & Publisher Network

There are a numerous ways around to monetize your blog. One of the best ways to do so is through ad networks. Now, the question here arises is that which one is the best advertising network to go with? Frankly speaking, trying your hands over Google AdSense and Infolinks can be the handy choices, But, Google AdSense is restricted ad network and it is difficult to pass through AdSense approval. On other hand, with Infolinks you can get quick approvals as well as you have plenty of ad choices to go with.

Infolinks: A Brief Know-How

Infolinks was started in year 2007 and since then they have always seen helping thousands of user worldwide in making some extra money through their blogs/websites. InText advertising offered Infolinks has gained too much popularity among the publishers and have given them high conversion rates. Lots of publishers are switching to Infolinks from few years. Infolinks is the combination of some of the most powerful networks like Chitika and Google AdSense. It even offers referral commission to the publishers if a new user joins Infolinks through their referral link.

Infolinks for Advertisers: AdShop by Infolinks

This is a new product recently developed by Infolinks which gives you the perfect solution to reach to your potential customer easily.

When other ad networks charge in $ per click, you can start with AdShop in just $25 and that is the beauty of it.

At each step they will be helping you to optimize the ad for maximum benefits.

How to get started with AdShop?

Getting started with AdShop is very easy and you will just have to follow the below steps.

· Sign up for the AdShop using this link free: AdShop Signup free

Fill the required details and you will receive an email asking you to verify your email id. Verify your email id and log in.

• Now you will be redirected to the dashboard with few tabs in sidebar

• Now start with the Create Campaign option and fill all the details


• You can set you own bid but here also, Infolinks is helping you to suggest the average bid amount. Check below-


Once done, move on and pay the amount.

Once it will be approved by the Infolinks team, you ad will be live and you will start getting leads and views.

How Infolinks Work?

Infolinks make use of major keywords from your blog/website to show the advertiser’s ads. These ads look like normal links and therefore improve the conversion rate. This in turn helps the publisher to earn more and make good money.

How to Integrate Infolinks Ads?

Infolinks ad integration on a website is as simple as reciting English ABCD. All you need to do is create a publisher account and get approval from Infolinks for your site. Once your application is approved, you can paste the JavaScript code in body section of your blog/website. If you are running a blog on WordPress then Infolinks ad integration is much easier.

You can install Infolinks’ official plugin from the WordPress plugin directory so that ads can be integrated easily on your WordPress blog. You just need to place JavaScript code in the plugin and the Infolinks ads will be running through your blog. One of the best things about Infolinks is that you can get approval from Infolinks even if you have low traffic on your blog/website.

Make More Money by Customizing Infolinks Ads

Infolinks is one of the phenomenal ad networks that support InText advertising and gives you chance to generate a good amount of money. Certain methods can be implemented to generate more money through Infolinks ads.

Use Ads with Single Underline

You can choose to show Infolinks test ads on your website either with double underline or single (dotted) underline. Most of the monetization experts recommend using single underline ads on your blog to make more money.


Ads Blindness

The InText ads offered by Infolinks should be made lookalike to normal links of the website. This increases your earnings as users are enable to differentiate between normal links color and ad text color if they are same. Suppose the normal link color of your blog is red, you can set the ad text color as red.


Go for High Paying Keywords

You should use high paying keywords in your blog post in order to increase the website revenue. Try using Google Adwords tool to find the high CPC keywords. The keywords must be relevant to your website niche.

Use Related Tags

You can make use of related tags in order to improve the CTR and therefore earning through your blog/website.


Different Ad Formats offered by Infolinks

At present, Infolinks is providing 5 different ad formats to the users. All Infolinks publishers can make use of these ad formats in order monetize their blog perfectly.

· InText Ads

· InFrame Ads

· InTag Ads

· InScreen Ads

· InFold Ads

Infolinks Referral Program

Not only through ads, the publishers to earn through Infolinks referral program. Every publisher gets a referral tab in his/her account. One just needs to promote the referral link. If anyone joins through publisher’s referral link then the publisher gets 10 percent of referral commission whatever the signee earns in 12 months.


Infolinks Payments

The minimum payment through Infolinks is $50. Publishers can receive their hard earned money through Wire transfer, PayPal, ACH (for US accounts only), eCheck, and through Payoneer. The minimum payout through PayPal and Payoneer is $50 while through other means is $400. They pay 70 percent of the total amount to the publishers which they get from the advertisers. You get a complete dashboard to check out your daily earnings.


Final Say

If you are finding it hard to get approval through Google Adsense then you should try your hands over Infolinks ads. Infolinks also offer more monetization options and have different type of ads for optimization of ads on blog. One can generate decent money through Infolinks referral program, Infolinks is a fully-fledged package for a publisher looking to optimize his/her blog in efficient manner.

Sign Up for Infolinks Publisher Free and Earn $500/mo. extra

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