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India’s ‘new’ social network Jumpbook is just a riff on Facebook

Face book has a new competitor, but this one might not be on Mark Zuckerberg radar for now. The social networking large is being challenged by an Indian website online Jumpbook.in. The web site has been developed by way of Patna-based totally brothers Inlay and Anker Singh who say that they’re already catering to 22,000 users within 4 months of its launch. The brothers, who spoke to CNN-IBN, said that their website online bargains a lot more options than fib does. Jump book has been receiving quite a lot of publicity lately, so we concept we might check out the web page.

Jump book is supposed to be a ‘5-in-one’, in line with the brothers. Along with normal sharing and posting, Jump book offers a market, a quiz application, discussion board and a blog platform as smartly. All very familiar if in case you have used face book for the past few years. in fact, Jump book seems to be a mash up of fib and Rout, and even looks very similar to Zuckerberg website online.

India's 'new' social network Jumpbook is just a riff on Facebook

There’s without a doubt that the website online is short of growth. You could possibly be forgiven if you happen to notion that the website online used to be a time-journeying model of fib from the late 2000s. Almost naked in its interface, the site gets straight right down to trade, in an extraordinarily fib model. That you could upload pictures, write standing messages, insert polls and even put up songs on the website online. We’re not certain in regards to the criminal implications of uploading song, but which is being provided via Jump book. Besides these, you can search through categorized advertisements and fasten with customers you’d prefer to purchase something off. There is additionally a games and apps section on the site that appears to be in a nascent stage but. It comprises handiest a handful of applications and games and seems more like a take a look at-area than a full-fledged, working section.

The Singh brothers appear to be going through a little bit of a hurdle with taking Jump book to the following stage. Because the website online started to gain consideration, Inlay and Anker realized they weren’t geared up to deal with large amounts of individuals being online together. The web page would crash regularly and the Sighs are now considering of accelerating Jump book’s server capacity. The Sighs grew up in difficult financial stipulations and learnt web site designing amidst monetary difficulty. Inlay learnt designing in an area institute and needed to stop engineering school in order that his brother could find out about. Both then come across the theory of launching Jump book.

Anker and Inlay at the moment are taking a look at attracting investors who can lend a hand them with funding for rising Jump book’s server capacity. “we’re planning to launch this on a huge scale and we want some traders to spend money on our web page so that we can market our website online to a definite degree to improve to important entrepreneurs from Bihar,” Inlay stated.