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Improve your degree grade with marginal gains

Usually you hear the term marginal gains associated with the British Cycling team and the great Sir Dave Brailsford’s important impact in UK cycling but this concept can be applied to any area of life. Basically it’s about making small improvements in lots of different areas that add up to a greater improvement overall. Sir Dave Brailsford believed that by making 1% improvements in lots of different areas this would add up to a larger, significant improvement.

Take essay and dissertation writing for example – you want to push your 2:1 to a 1st but need help with how to do it. What about if you apply marginal gains? The difference between a 2:1 and a 1st is only 1%. 69% would earn you a 2:1 whilst 70% is a 1st. Now it’s got to be worth that small effort for such a big difference. How would you apply this to your essay writing? UK essay writing service Oxbridge Essays are renowned for helping people improve their grades and they can offer help and guide you through your essay. Think about the following points – would marginal gains in these areas make the difference?

Research thoroughly

Don’t rush head first into writing an essay without researching the subject first regardless of how good you think your knowledge is. Carrying out greater research will ensure that you get material that hasn’t been covered by your tutors/professors. Gather your reference sources first, ask your tutor for advice and pointers and ensure that you explore the library and the internet for relevant reading material

Plan your essay

People will have different methods of planning. Some of you will have a structure that you follow and some will just write scribbles down on a sheet of paper that may not mean anything to anyone else but you! A good way to plan is to jot down a map of your essay. Section your plan and write notes against each section. When planning it will help if you write it all down. Research has proven that we take in and remember more when we write it down rather than when we type it. If you have terrible handwriting that even you can’t read then you may want to type the notes but if you can try to hand write it.

Structure your work

Having a well researched and well planned essay is great but you need to ensure that you structure it correctly. Ensure you have laid it out correctly with the question, followed by an introduction, then the main body of your essay with a good compelling conclusion. Also include your references.

Don’t write for the sake of it

The pressure of having to write a certain amount of words may lead to the temptation to include more waffle than is needed. Make sure your content is relevant and that you use all of the required words to make it a compelling read. When a tutor has to mark dozens of these they will remember the ones that stood out and are a pleasure to read.

A little bit of improvement in all areas can be the difference between your 2:1 and 1st grade so make sure you get the grade that you are worthy of.