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How To Improve Your Chances Of Scoring A Job As A Recruitment Consultant

The employment market is consistently growing now that the recession is behind us. As the world of economics begins to pick up, companies are now beginning to turn over higher revenues and profits. As such, more and more businesses are now choosing to expand and take on new talent all over the world. With such a drive in business, there is often fierce competition for entry-level positions, and a lack of applicants for higher end vacancies. As such, there is no better time to enter the market as a recruitment consultant.

Job As A Recruitment ConsultantRecruitment consultants provide a unique and bespoke service to companies. As a recruitment consultant, you will take pride in understanding the job market, and learning which skills are crucial to the role you are recruiting for. As a recruitment consultant, you will can either work in-house for a company, or join a recruitment agency to source talent on behalf of companies.

Recruitment consultants are often target driven, and the salary typically consists of a base salary range and the potential to earn commission on each placement. As such, a natural desire for helping individuals find employment will be key to your success. Unfortunately, many recruitment consultants place a price tag on their candidates; and this often leads to bad service later on down the road.

So, with that said, how exactly do you stand out from the crowd? Here’s a list of Oakland House Recruitment’s top tips for standing out from the competition to secure a position as a recruitment consultant.

  1. Always bring across your social skills. Recruitment agencies are often more than willing to hire consultants who have no previous HR experience. It’s usually safe to say that companies look more towards your personality and skills, as opposed to your previous experience.
  2. Remove your money-driven motivation. If you are motivated by the prospect of earning thousands in commission, then being a recruitment consultant probably isn’t for you. You need to naturally care about people and always be prepared to keep your candidates best interests at heart. If you follow the money-trail instead of your candidate’s heart, you may just find yourself offering a bad overall experience.
  3. Research and understand the employment market. As a recruitment consultant, you need to be able to demonstrate that you understand how recruitment works. You may need to explore additional avenues other than posting on job boards. For example, more and more recruiters are now using social media to actively connect and socialise with candidates.
  4. Be willing to develop a network of professional connections. Recruitment consultants often have ‘big personalities’ and are known in the local area for their expertise. Connecting with professionals whom you have worked with before, or are working for is crucial. Recruitment consultants often rely on their professional and business connections to further their careers and career prospects. Your connections will be able to provide you with the recommendations and testimonials that you need to become successful in recruitment.
  5. Look at recruitment as a hobby, not a job. Recruitment consultants often work long hours. This is because your candidates will most likely be working full-time, and you’ll need to contact them outside of their working hours. The best recruitment consultants are those who don’t rush out of the door as soon as 5PM hits. If you don’t love your job, and you just want to pick up a salary, then you won’t develop your career as much as you could do.

All in all, becoming a recruitment consultant is about your passion for finding people employment. There is no denying that recruitment consultants can earn in excess of £50,000 – and rightfully so. If you can master the art of socialising and understanding your candidate’s needs, you will be able to find them employment first time around. As you develop your professional network, you’ll soon find that placing candidates in higher technical roles will become easier – as you can reach out to your network time and time again to sell your candidates.

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