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Important Things To Consider When Leasing Office Space

A few good hints before you decide what’s best for your new office space never hurt anyone.  The transitional time between office locations can cost you a lot more money if everything isn’t set up and in order.  You may even be just starting out on your journey of owning your own business and need a good starter office.

Whatever the case may be, don’t get left in the dark about such a large financial commitment.  Know your stuff!  Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on your search for knowledge.  

Business Incubators

There is a program model out there that is pretty well built for starter businesses and transient business owners.  Business incubators provide business owners with low cost rental properties that are fully furnished with desks and equipment.  You can find shorter leases this way, and give your business room to change and grow without being stuck in a long term lease agreement.

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Location, Location, Location

There are several things you need to consider while you’re searching for a place to rest your business bones.  You should probably choose a location that is close to your chosen city’s public transportation lines and major highways.  This gives your future employees a reliable route to work each day.  You also need to make sure you locate your business close to any specific needs your operation may require.  

For example, if you’re a lawyer with your own firm, you would want to be located somewhere near a courthouse.  This will save travel expenses that may accrue if you were located somewhere further from your main business focus.  If you run a surf shop, you would want to be close to the ocean.  It’s pretty much common sense if you think about it.   

Takeover Lease

A takeover lease could be your diamond in the rough if you don’t plan on keeping your business located in one place for very long.  A shorter lease will give you room to move or expand.  You may also be doing quite a large favor for another fellow business owner by taking over a lease they may not be able to fulfill.  

Concessions Anyone

Once you do actually settle on a location that you find suitable for your business office, there are certain concessions you may want to consider asking for from the building’s owner.  You don’t have to take the lease price at face value.  

Find a way to haggle with the owner.  Offer renovations for rent cuts or free rent for a period of time.  Oftentimes you can even negotiate for other perks such as parking space, janitorial fees, or maintenance and repair to be covered by the space owner.  

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