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Most Important Technologies for Today’s Students

While education hasn’t changed much, the amount of information each student is required to learn has increased.

In order to meet that demand students are now required to have certain tools to help them succeed. Depending on what field each student is pursuing depends on the type of technological gadgets they’ll be required to purchase for college. And then of course are the tools that every college student needs. Below is a breakdown of the kinds of high tech items college students will depend upon once they begin school.



Be it desktop, laptop, or all in one iMac, every college student must have a computer in order to survive school. Student office software is essential for creating documents for essays, research papers, and other documents. Those pursuing a design career will need design software to go along with their core class list.

Computers also offer students a break from the stress of studying and homework. There are a variety of things to do to unwind including playing music through iTunes and surfing the web and playing games.

It goes without saying but if a student needs a computer to survive school assignments, then that computer has to have a printer so that the student can print essays, graphs, and the like. You don’t want to have to go down and work late in the computer lab if you don’t want to. Even more annoying is that often times the school computer lab is only open during key times throughout the day.

Mobile Devices

It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to work. Instructors want you to be able to swap phone numbers with your peers. If you fall ill, you’ll have a way to contact other students to get the assignments you’ll have missed. There are also several apps and eTextbooks that can be accessed on most mobile devices. Whether you like them or not, mobile devices have become an essential part of any college student’s life.


Solar Backpack

Students struggling to keep track of all of their power adapters for their phones and tablets might find it useful to have something that will charge their devices while on the go. Let’s face it, as a college student, you have a lot going on in your life and all of these gadgets like smartphones and stuff need to be recharged at some point. The last thing you need is to discover the device you want to use is down for the count until it recharges. College students are always on the go and their devices should be ready at all times.

External Hard Drive

Most college students assume their computer will be able to handle all of their class assignments. But in reality, some computers just really aren’t capable of handling the large amount of data being stored. This in turn slows down computer speed and virtual memory making it almost impossible to load web pages and large applications. Although some college students might prefer to own an external hard drive simply to keep clutter off of their computer, all college students really should own one.

Having the basics in the latest technology will help any college student survive their time on campus. Most students really don’t need tons of the latest gadgets in order to be successful. Although it might seem as if college has become more of a competition between students to see who has the most expensive toys, really all most students need (and can afford) are simply the basics: computer, backpack (be it solar or not), external hard drive, cell phone, alarm clock, and a printer. Everything else is just an added bonus to make life more enjoyable.