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Important safety tips for Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune expressway is a delight for the travelers. Recognized as one of the best expressways in India, it provides fast intercity travel and stunning views of picturesque mountains and green landscapes.


While enjoying the driving on the superfast Pune-Mumbai expressway it is equally important to be extra cautious to avoid any miss-happening and have the best experience.

If you are traveling with a driver keep a check on him to ensure that he is following basic safety measures. provides experienced drivers for their Pune to Mumbai cabs.

We have compiled the basic but most important things to keep in mind while traveling on the expressway.

Speed Limit: Speed limits are kept on expressways forgenuine reason. Expressways are not car racing tracks where you want to get ahead of every other driver. You may have the urge to drive fast but it is to be controlled since speed limits ensure safety and regulate the traffic flow. The speed limit on Pune-Mumbai expressway is 80 kmph and heavy fines are imposed on drivers who cross this limit.

Distance between vehicles: Since you will be driving at a higher speed than on usual city roads, it is important to increase the distance between your vehicle and the one in front since thebraking distance is also more at higher speeds. The larger distance could make all the difference if you need to make an emergency braking.

Lane Driving: Most people in the cities are not used to lane driving. Due to high traffic and congestion on city roads, it is difficult to drive in lanes since every inch of the road is occupied by some vehicle. On fast expressways, however, the rules are different. It is mandatory to drive in lanes on an expressway and lanes are specifically marked.
The extreme left lane is mainly for the use of trucks and heavy vehicles and one should move to this lane only if trying to get to the breakdown zone.
The middle lane is meant for vehicles that are going at a constant speed and the extreme right lane is for overtaking and vehicles which are accelerating ahead. To ensure safe driving, Lane driving is an extremely important measure and maintaining lane discipline is an important rule you should never ignore.

In case of Breakdown: Breakdown on an expressway could be dangerous because of fast moving traffic. In case your car breaks down, immediately put the hazard lights on and try getting to designated breakdown area. Emergency numbers are listed at these points where you can call for assistance. If your car gets immobilized in the middle of the road, set down the warning triangle at least 150 meters behind your car.

Take regular Breaks: Travelling on long and deserted expressways could get monotonous and tiring which in turn can bring lapse in concentration. In case you or your driver feels drowsy, it is better to pull up and take a break, till you feel refreshed. Washing your face and consuming water regularly helps you focus.

While driving on Mumbai-Pune expressway is pleasurable, hiring a Pune to Mumbai taxi is more safe and comfortable. A professional driver who has experience of driving on these roads ensures better safety and comfort for you and your family. Get various options for Taxi in Pune on