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Why it’s Important to Recycle Old Gadgets


Why it’s Important to Recycle Old Gadgets


As technology goes forward, so does the pile of older technology left in its wake. For the average consumer, this means you have had many gadgets or devices, such as mobile phones, many of which are probably taking up storage space in your home.


This is a simple business principle; the average shelf-life of any phone is arguably only around 18 months – if that! As a result, it’s in your very nature to want to upgrade fairly regularly. Yet this does leave the question of what to do with the old phone.


In today’s world, being environmentally conscious is very important. You can’t just throw away that old phone. It needs to be sent to the right place or re-used in some capacity. Fortunately, it’s not without its benefits for you; some of the best places to sell your mobile phone are those that will recycle it efficiently.


The dangers of discarding


The problem with simply throwing phones and other devices away is a simple environmental one. These devices take up space and, when you put them in the bin, they have to end up somewhere.


Like a lot of other rubbish, there is a big risk of phones this way ending up in landfills. As metals, plastics and other long-lasting objects, these items will quickly fill up any landfill site. Furthermore, they often have additional chemicals that can cause a hazard to the very ground they’re put in. This includes some of the chemicals and conductive ingredients found in the batteries and cables of phones, as these can leak out over time.


The alternative


Instead, you should look to recycling these phones. After all, whilst they might not be the most modern or in-demand phone, they are nonetheless made up of resources that are useful. Even the most modern phone shares a number of components and materials with its predecessors, so it only makes sense to harvest this.


Additionally, sending your phone off to be recycled keeps it out of the landfill, giving an old device a little more life and usefulness. Some of the precious metals in the phone are difficult to mine, so re-harvesting them from old technology proves more efficient. Circuit boards alone are made from a variety of useful metals, such as copper, gold, lead and zinc.


Cash incentives


As can be clearly seen, an old phone isn’t entirely worthless. This of course gives you the advantage of being rewarded for recycling. Whilst throwing it in the bin is easy, you can actually get paid if you send it off for recycling.


This process doesn’t necessarily cost you anything either so you only stand to gain money. After all, virtually all phones have some value when it comes to recycling and harvesting parts.


In short, whether you want to do your part to protect the environment, be more energy efficient or simply get paid, there is always a better option than simply putting your old phone in the bin.

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