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Important Factors that Go Into Successful Rehabilitation

The restructuring of a life through rehabilitation is not a simple thing. To an individual looking in from the outside it might seem pretty cut and dry to recover from drug and substance abuse. You cut cold turkey, and you grind against the odds until you’re clean.

For those dealing with substance abuse, or for those who have loved ones whom deal with drug addiction, the process of recovery is not that simple. There have to be a lot of drug and alcohol support services available.

Without infrastructure, a building will fall. Same goes for rehabilitation. The person in this sense is a house that has gone through much turmoil and is in need of a complete overhaul. You can’t cover the outside with new paint and hardware without addressing the foundations within. Here are important factors that go into successful rehabilitation:


Therapy comes in many different packages, and each person will respond with a different gift. Anything that relieves or heals a disorder is considered therapy. For Temple Grandin, her therapy was to place herself into the contraption she designed to calm cows down. It was a squeeze shoot that put pressure on the body somewhat simulating a hug.

For others, equine therapy for drug addiction might be the ticket. Even still, for others they might find that swimming, painting, walking, or yoga might give them the relief they need from the addiction that they’re facing. In any case, therapy is key in finding successful rehabilitation.


Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Many people who have addiction problems have in effect separated themselves from their loved ones. Many of those loved ones want to see that person well, they just need to see equal effort on the side of the addict. A support system is as essential to the success of an addict as water is to a fish.

The environment an addict is in directly affects their quality of life. Good support that is present to help the addict come out of addition in whatever way necessary is the golden ticket to finding wholeness away from a substance. Find your support in a treatment center, in a family or friend, in a church, or in an art class.

Desire to Change

Last but not least, successful rehabilitation comes from nothing short of hard work, desire to change, and a miracle. All of which are possible. A person who is driven to accomplish something will be stopped by nothing. Write down a list of reasons why you want to be clean and the reasons being clean will benefit your life. When you’re feeling tempted by past vices, turn to that list and reassess why you wanted to change in the first place. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.