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Huawei Honor 5x Dual Sim: Detailed Review on Full Specifications


Huawei has brought to light its new range smartphone Huawei Honor 5x dual sim, a smartphone designed and developed to target the developing markets in the world. Honor, the complementary company to Huawei, has managed to create enough buzz and attention, making any product of Honor the center of attraction at the release stage. On the queue, Huawei Honor 5x dual is the new product, a mid-range, and an in-budget smartphone which has covered almost everything the user is looking for in any smartphone. The best features include the 4G dual-SIM connectivity, fingerprint sensor and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 SoC and the Honor 5x offers almost all the best features in the budget.

Design and Display

Considering the essential characteristics of the brand new Honor 5x, it is the fact that it possesses a metal body where the end looks of the device and the feel are appreciable. Still, showing the phone off as a metal bodied one, Honor stands slightly backward in the process, and this should be accepted. The back is much occupied, with the camera and one-tone LED flash at the top, fingerprint sensor right beneath them, and the Honor logo and regulatory text right at the bottom. The fingerprint sensor is the similar color as the body and blends in rather well, but the regulatory text stands out and depreciates the look of the back. While it is evident with the Honor to place that text there, while it can set less accurately.

The surfaces of the Honor 5X are part of the same aluminum alloy piece as the back, but the top and rear are plastic and seem visibly distinct from the metal bits. Besides this, the edges are fair regarding hold and feel. The power and volume keys both are fit on the right side of the panel, and on the left the SIM and microSD trays are placed, the 3.5mm support is on the head, and the Micro-USB gate and speaker are fixes at the bottom. Present are two grilles, but only the one on the right houses a speaker. There are favorably divided trays for both SIMs as well as expandable storage. One of the two SIM trays can hold a Nano-SIM while the other is design for a Micro-SIM. But both the slots available are 4G-enabled and hence offers better flexibility to the user.

Performance and Configuration

The Honor 5X uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 SoC. As expected, the performance of Soc, if compared to its predecessor, with a level functioning through the user interface, good execution with games and densely encoded videos and minimal heating issues marks as a pretty good positive feature. When it comes to benchmark terms, the Honor 5X has delivered elegant enough for a phone in its class.

It again proves the decent real world performance that is reliable and efficient. To the core functionality, the model demonstrates its ability to hold on to both the data and Wi-Fi networks and an exquisite calling quality. The battery life is a slightly weak but still manages a fairly big 3000mAh battery under the shell. The longevity takes in for 9 hours and 30 minutes, which is decent comparatively. At times, it manages to go on for a full day on some occasions but usually needs to be charged before the day is over. When it comes to the entire look and feel, the user interface is quite alike to the one any user experiences with Huawei Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X. Regarding touch, related things such as the changing wallpapers, the timeline that shows recent notifications and left sliding to get to shortcuts are commendable.

Camera and Multimedia

The phone has a 13-megapixel camera with single-tone LED blaze and variable center, and a 5-megapixel front camera with settled core interest. The back camera can record video up to 1080p determination while the front camera is fit for video recording at 720p. Both the cameras have a lot of video modes and choices, alongside a bundle of manual controls, channels, and settings that keep the camera exuberant. Modes for scene, all-center, HDR, moderate movement video, watermark, and sound note are all suitable choices, and extra modes for excellence, nourishment and time-breach may have takers too. There is snappy access to the channels, streak flip, and camera switcher, while the clock can get through the Settings menu. GPS labeling, touch-to-catch, object following and determination can likewise be controlled through the Settings menu.

The camera is better than average for a mid-range shooter and is fit for conveying fabulous shading and detail in great light. Outside shots are among the better ones we’ve seen from telephones in the value range. Itemizing is fantastic, with sharp pictures that don’t have an excessive amount of clamor and grain. Low-light shots, while normally not in the same class as sufficiently bright outside pictures, are not too bad enough as well. Furthermore, it isn’t great at following moving articles and rapidly altering the core interest. The front camera is not too bad for selfies and video calls, but nothing more.

Battery and Connectivity

The Honor 5X goes with 3000 mAh battery which is non-removable. The UI keeps giving you prompts if any application is exhausting a lot of power far away, which you can rapidly close, outlines the notice itself. The phone supports SmartPower 3.0 which is an assortment of the ultra-power saving modes that we have seen on various phones, which expands the battery life in emergency circumstances, to the detriment of shutting down a few applications and organizations.

In our everyday use condition which included two email accounts on sync, advising, calling, video and sound spouting and a slight bit of gaming, we could without quite a bit of a stretch get around 9-10 hours of battery life. In the PCMark for Android test, we got around 8 hours and 34 minutes. Continue to extreme handiness, the Honor 5X showed more than fit for grasping both data and Wi-Fi organizers and was incredible when it came to calling quality as well. The contraption generally speaking made sense of how to get 3G even in inadequately secured areas that usually drive several phones to drop to 2G, which is decent. The battery life is to some degree fragile nonetheless, regardless of the significant 3000mAh battery in the motor. In certifiable use, it made sense of how to go a whole day on a few occasions, however for the most part required charging before the day was over.


The Honor 5X is a sensible smartphone that is affordable and fits anyone’s budget. The looks and the connectivity options are commendable. Also, the decent camera marks the advantage. In addition to the basic needs of smartphone given, the screen is excellent, and the fingerprint sensor does a lot more than the others and is a thing to be considered. Considering the operation, the phone is reliable and smooth to the comfort of the user. The two issues that lag out are the software and slightly non-supportive battery life. These problems are quickly taken away considering the overall package, though. The model is simple and user-friendly but is not different or extraordinary and hence can get lost in the crowd. If you are looking for a simple smartphone, Honor 5X is a decent choice.