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Huawei announces 2 million ‘pre-orders’ for Ascend P6; puts up more teaser pictures

Huawei announces 2 million ‘pre-orders’

Leading up to Huawei’s event today in London, where the company is set to reveal the Ascend P6 among a few other smartphones, the company has given out the number of “pre-orders” that the official website has received so far.

The company announced that the Ascend P6 has registered a record 2 million pre-orders. The catch here is that these are not really pre-orders, according to phoneArena. The Huawei website was seen accepting non-binding reservations for the phone. As earlier reported, Huawei was seen showing off its Ascend P6 on Twitter, with images of the smartphone, in order to increase the buzz around the phone.

A non-binding reservation is different from a pre-order in the sense that you don’t need to put up a credit card to reserve the handset. Thus, the real demand of the phone cannot be ascertained. And a lot of people may have reserved the phone for fun. The company stated that the reservation option was given to help Huawei get an idea about the scale of demand for the smartphone.

Huawei Ascend P6 in the case

Huawei Ascend P6 in the case



In addition to that, the company has also announced that the 6.18 mm thin phone, which has a partly metal chassis, will come with a matching case as an official accessory. The company’s Facebook post reads: “Ascend P6# slimming design has partnered with its just-as-slimming metallic case, made with the utmost care in quality and detail.”

The Huawei Ascend P6 looks to be the thinnest phone in the market right now, with Huawei paying particular attention to the design and the build quality. Huwawei’s CEO Richard Yu posted on Facebook: “You know, after using the P6 more and more, I’ve begun to notice how nice the side keys were designed and how good it felt to press them. Their positioning along the edge felt just right and natural. They aren’t protruding out too much so you don’t have to worry about the wrong button being pushed when it’s in your pocket, nor are they too flat that they’re uncomfortable to feel. We were able to find that ‘sweet spot’.”  

Huawei has done a lot to promote its latest smartphone offering. While the specifications of the phone are a bit sketchy right now, Huawei’s track record is pretty solid in terms of internal features, if the earlier announced Ascend Mate is anything to go by. While the actual pre-order numbers are still to come out, it shouldn’t be that hard for the company to find a lot of interested users for the Ascend P6.