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HTC M7 gets photographed in the wild

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The HTC M7 scene seems to be picking up steam as of late, what with two renders of the soon-to-be-announced smartphone. Just as the second one looks more legit than the first, the same could be said about this one. Really, what’s more real-looking than a photo? Oh yeah, well-crafted hoaxes.  Nevertheless, this looks to be the genuine thing so we’re sharing it with you guys.

The team at AndroidPolice have what are allegedly the first front and back photos of the HTC M7. What’s more, there are also three screen grabs of the user experience to tease the fanboys. Should the images prove accurate, HTC Sense may be getting a total overhaul, if only on the lock screen weather widgets.

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What’s your thoughts on the HTC M7 thus far? Are you getting more excited for this handset or do you see anything here that tickles your fancy?