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How you can express your personality on your letterhead

Your company’s letterhead is much more than a tool for customized stationery. A carefully chosen letterhead design can be a message that encapsulates all that your organization stands for and its uniqueness will create a distinctive association with clients and customers. The letterhead acts as a brand, represents your company, and gives a sense of legitimacy to your product or service.

Why a letterhead is important

A letterhead, for all practical purposes, is permanent. From your stationary to emails, the letterhead will begin every communication that your company delivers to clients and partners. So, if you have to choose a letterhead, remember that there are no second tries.

Keep it Simple

This rule is the most basic one. A simple letterhead format that can be deciphered at first glance is the most important prerequisite. It should ideally represent the company name and logo and its simplicity helps in customers retaining the image.


A company letterhead will need to have more information than a logo or an icon. Make sure that, besides your company name, there is a basic contact detail. Mobile numbers are usually a no-no in letterheads because they can be constantly changed, so make sure that the contact details to be incorporated are not subject to too many vagaries.

It’s all in the Font

Common fonts imply a lack of research, which can be interpreted as a company that does not take branding seriously. A common font will also require you to be on top of your letterhead designing game, and this is putting all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you are choosing something that is unique enough to not be associated with other competitors and popular logos. There are enough resources on the internet to ensure you do not go back to your old tried-and-tested Helvetica or Century Gothic.

Do not over complicate the letterhead with too many fonts. For letterheads with multiple components, it is suggested that you do not use more than two fonts.


What does your company do?

Choose an image that is associated with your product or service and look for the simplest manner in which you can incorporate it in the letterhead. It can be in the form of a background banner silhouette on which you will have text or it can be a simple icon. It can also be incorporated into one of the letter designs.

Use your Colours

For the letterhead colour, use the colours that your services or company are associated with the most. Use a more nuanced approach towards colours and do not restrict yourself to industry-associated colours but concentrate on something more centric to your services. The Yahoo purple and yellow combo is a great example of how a chance but unique selection led to such a recognizable design.

The Letterhead is You

Whether it is a company or an individual name on the letterhead, it has to have a personality that rightfully represents the team and the product. A font with italicisedcurves suggests an elegance essence and works for names and products that are creative. If you run a gym, however, you would choose a design that instinctively hints at vigour.

It Speaks

There are many more human attributes which can be used in the letterhead.Use information like your customers, your products and, most importantly, your team culture to add these touches to your letterhead.

To get a better idea, you can always check for examples of letterhead printing online. Online printing in India is a growing market and companies all over the country are recognizing the benefits one can get on a virtual platform while choosing crucial image and design elements that will define their brand.Design yours wisely and stand out.