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How to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone without root

Have you ever thought of installing 2 WhatsApp in one Android phone? I know your answer would probably be Yes….!!! But you may be wondering How can you do it…… Don’t worry, In this post, I will show you the exact step by step method on How to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone without root……

As you all know that Whatsapp is the biggest Online Messenger App, which allows you to Send and Receive Your Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts and much more. With the latest updates in this app, You can enjoy lot more features like Voice Calling, File sharing etc.

The main advantage of installing 2 Whatsapp in One Mobile is that it helps you to manage your Personal as well as Professional Life. There are N number of applications available on Google Play store which help you to install 2 WhatsApp in one phone without root, but the App which I am going to Provide you is the Best…..!!!

The main feature of this app is that it not only allows you to install 2 WhatsApp in one phone but with the help of this app you can install your favorite Games, Browsers, Messenger for 2 times. Isn’t it Amazing ???

How to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone without root

In this paragraph, I am going to show you the Step by Step guide for installing this App….. So, without wasting your time, let’s have a look at the Original trick to install 2 WhatsApp in one phone –

1st of all go to Play Store and search for the App – “Parallel Space

[ You can also download the App directly by Clicking Here ]
  • Click on Install to Download the App,
  • After the installation part is complete, click on Open
  • Now click On + , to see the list of various apps installed on your device –


Now add any app which you want to use for multiple accounts and enjoy the app. For eg – If you want to use 2 Facebook App in a single Mobile, simply click on Facebook. As soon as you will click on the App, it will be added to your Dashboard. Now click on the Facebook app, it will ask you to log in with your Username and Password.

That’s it….

Now you can use 2 Facebook Account in a single app. If you want to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone, add Whatsapp within Parallel Space. Open it, enter your Mobile Number, Verify your Number and begin to use 2 WhatsApp.

Features of Parallel Space –

One of the Most advanced feature of this app Apart from using 2 Apps, that I personally Loved the most is its inbuilt App locking Feature. With this feature, you can easily lock your Apps to avoid your data being stolen or Seen by anyone.

If you enjoy Gaming, this is one of the Must have App for You…. You can use 2 Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Teen Patti and Much More.

Parallel Space is one of the Most Recommended App for Android Users…. I am personally using this app from the last 4 months, and believe me, it is working alright without having any Error. So get this app as early as Possible and begin enjoying 2 WhatsApp in One Mobile.

Do let me know, your views related to this Post. If you have installed this app, you can share your Views with us.

Feel free to comment if you have faced any problems or have any difficulty related to the installing 2 WhatsApp in one phone… We will be happy to help you…

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