When your iPhone is locked, you won’t be able to use another carrier/network service. This can be an issue if you want to sell your used iPhone, use a local sim when travelling or download some software that isn’t compatible with your carrier. The answer is to unlock your phone. But how?

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There are various different ways to go about unlocking a phone. You will find some unlocking offers on eBay for a low cost, however these are not always safe solutions. Any unofficial method of unlocking can damage a phone. There is also some jailbreak software online that some iphone users are tempted to try, but this can invalidate your warranty.

If you are looking for an iPhone unlock service, the best option is to use an official Apple unlocking service with a good reputation.

iPhone Approved Unlock

iPhone Approved Unlock is a trusted unlocking company that specialises in Apple devices. They will unlock your iPhone by IMEI, which is the official and legal method of phone unlocking that keeps your device safe.

You just have to give them your IMEI number and they will unlock your phone remotely. To find your IMEI number, which is the unique identifier for your phone, simply type *#06# into the keypad. Enter this number into the order form and the company will unlock your handset entirely remotely.

This unlocking service requires a manual search of the Apple database in order to whitelist your IMEI number. When you consider the effort involved, it is a low-cost service – especially as it unlocks any iPhone permanently and you will never have to unlock it again.

If you are already on contract with a carrier, you will need to keep paying your contract until it expires, but there is nothing to stop you from unlocking your phone at any time. Unlocking is 100% legal and if you do it with an official service, totally safe.

It also doesn’t affect your warranty, so Apple will still cover you for any problems with your phone.