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How to set up Time Machine on your MAC

Time Machine

Most important thing for Computer users is a regular system backup. Mac users are really lucky to have Time Machine features which comes inbuilt with Mac. Time Machine which regularly take backup of your whole system to the External Drive and Even it will record how the system looked on the time and it can restored to the time which you want.


What you need? Of Time Machine

  • External Drive: which is formatted with Mac file format and Size of the drive should be at least equal or above the capacity of the inbuilt Hard Drive of the Mac. Click here to knowHow to format the Drive in Mac.
  • Mac OS 10.5 or Above: which comes with Time Machine built-in-application. You can open the Time Machine from Applications or even you can open through System Preferences


Features Of Time Machine

Select the Disk and Choose your External Drive which you want to take backups of your Mac. If your Disk which you are selecting is not formatted with Mac Support, it automatically detects and erase the disk and Format itself. Even If you want to Encrypt the backups, just check the box which is provided below.


Done. It will start format and Backup your Mac. Make sure that Time machine is Turned ON, it allows the Time Machine to perform backups in regular basis. Even you can backup manually. You can see the Icon on the menu bar of your Mac. The Time machine icon notifies the backups and allow you to enter into the Time machine to restore.


Time machine will take backup in Hourly basis. If your External backup drive is not connected often, Connect in regular basis to perform the backup by the Time Machine. You can restore from the Recovery boot options though.

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