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How To Rock Your Nerd Decor

If you’re a nerd or a geek, you probably have a lot of collectibles that need safe homes, but that you also want out so people can see them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a comic book nerd, a gamer, a horror movie addict, or something that loves their anime, all of this stuff needs space in your home.

If you’re hardcore, you probably have all of your action figures still tidy, sealed in their boxes. Maybe you have a collection of science fiction movies posters. Maybe you have a collection of concert t shirts. So what do you do with all of this stuff so that you can enjoy it on a daily basis, and show it off when you have company?

Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery

If you have a favorite show or movie, why not imitate their decor ideas. Why not get a rug like the one on Big Bang Theory, or get a table shaped like the emblem from Star Trek.It can be fun to furnish and decorate your place, even an apartmnent, with stuff that reminds you of the entertainment and nerd stuff you love.

You may even want to create your own fan artwork. Nothing shows that you are more of a fan of anything than creating something in its honor!

Decorating Your Walls

Even if your action figures are boxes, you can still get them out where everyone can see them.Try hanging them on the walls, where they’ll take up less space. If you have a poster collection of any kind, frame them to keep them safe and then hang them up.

You can also frame your t shirt collection, unless you plan on wearing them. In many homes it seems like walls are far too underutilized spaces. Why not make the most out of them.

Decorating Your Shelving

You can also put your boxed figures on shelves, if they have flat bottoms that make them sit right. For action figures out of the box, shelving is a must, whether it’s floor standing shelves or ones hanging on the wall.

You can also decorate your kitchen with memorabilia, like Batman cookie jars and collector’s plates. Whatever collections you have, there is always a way to get them out so that you can see them every time you walk in your door. Why collect stuff if you aren’t going to have them displayed?

If you are a big geek, why not show it off. Your home will look great covered in superheroes, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and any other obsessions you have. You’ll find that these things that you love make you smile and feel good everytime you walk in and look at your walls and shelving.

Don’t leave your nerd gear packed up in a box, or hiding it in a costume. Get it out for the world to see!