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How to Make Your iPhone Hack Proof


Have you ever wondered how you could ensure that your iPhone becomes hack proof and completely devoid of iPhone spy software? Of course you have, that’s something you mull over for most part of your hectic day. And hence, you’d like to know some ways to up the ante on your iPhone’s security. Voila! Here are five ways to shore up your iPhone’s defense that would make sure breaching its security becomes a nightmare for the hacker.

Do Not Jailbreak

When the origin term “jailbreak” was formulated, the ‘jail’ – a technical term used in Unix-style systems – was what prevented the user from accessing applications, extensions and themes which weren’t available via the official Apple App Store. So while breaking that particular jail might open the gates to more apps, as it turns out it also opens the gate to hackers as well. An open door may tempt a saint and all that…

Tech gurus have all been toiling hard to conjure up a possibility wherein one could find an outlet of hacking into an iPhone which has not been jailbroken, and installing an iPhone spyware. As of now, no such outlet has been discovered and the chances are that the status quo won’t be disturbed any time soon.

Cure Via Cocoon

Cocoon is the new kid on the block as far as browsers for Apple devices are concerned and is being touted as completely foolproof with regards to potential hacking or unwarranted sniffing. By using Cocoon as your iPhone browser you can protect your personal information and transactions from any online menace. Cocoon gives the users the previously enviable option of completely blocking web tracking which is done via online advertising, including via Google and Facebook.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has made controlling a multitude of devices a lot easier. By providing a single interface it unites devices ranging from BlackBerry devices to the ones that use iOS and even Android operating systems. This unison not only makes the management of the device a lot more convenient, it also ensures that the devices have a secure access to the internet and the network that they’re a part of. Hence, attaching your iPhone to a BlackBerry Mobile Fusion interface would ward off any cell phone spy and would also keep the hackers at bay.

Third Party Application

What you could also do is install an application in your iPhone which would give you a report of all the apps that are installed in your phone throughout the day. It could be set to give you a daily report at a particular hour, or it could also be designed to send a notice via a popup whenever a new app is installed on your iPhone. This would prevent anyone from installing apps inside your iPhone without your knowledge and hence hacking the phone would become impossible.

Use a Password

Okay slightly old school – and possibly because it works, albeit at different levels in different scenarios – but nothing is more effective than locking your iPhone with a password. No one can dig inside the phone and sermon cell phone spy software if it is protected by a password, and if one can’t access the operating software they can do the square root of zilch as far as the hacking maneuvers are concerned. So yeah, think of a combination of letters and numbers – ideally one that you would not forget – and protect your iPhone.

Also, while we’re on that according to Dino Dai Zovi, if your password has 8 alphanumeric characters it should take an all-knowing Apple hacker around 13,000 years to hack the password. So basically an 8-character alphanumeric password should ensure that you’re good; unless of course your hacker has a time machine, and 130 centuries to spare.

Outthinking the hackers is no mean task; hence it is always safer to cover all your bases from the get go rather than hankering after solutions later on. Allow me to throw in a cliché, but prevention is a million times better than cure in the tech world, where even an Average Joe hacker has the potential of damaging your device and its data beyond repair.