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How to Make Your Blog Stand Out Fast

Blogging is a wonderful thing. It allows you to share information with others and channel your passions into a fun, creative outlet. However, finding an audience can be a little tricky.

Why? There are hundreds of different blogs online, about every conceivable topic. It may seem impossible to separate yourself from the pack, but don’t worry: it is possible. All it takes are a few quick fixes.

How can you make your blog stand out from the rest? Try these fast and easy tips. You’ll be sure to make a lasting impression!

1. Establish a distinct identity

Yes, there are millions of blogs on the Internet … but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something unique to share. One way to make your blog stand out fast is to choose a distinct identity. Start by determining exactly what could make your blog unique.

What’s your angle? Are there certain topics you like to post about? Do you have new information to share with readers? Define your blog identity and begin incorporating that into all your future posts. Figuring out what makes your blog uniquely yours will make a big difference!

2. Have a posting schedule and stick to it

One way that blogs lose readers? Either infrequent or sporadic updates, or too many updates per week. You don’t want to overwhelm readers with three posts a day … they’ll simply stop caring. On the other hand, you don’t want to post once every few weeks, since new content keeps readers coming back.

With so many blogs out there, you need to have a clearly defined posting schedule. This lets people know when to check back for content.

3. Have an uncomplicated layout

To make your blog stand out, keep the layout simple. It should always, be user-friendly. Make sure that all content is easy to read, pictures are clear and well sized, and the site isn’t complicated or fussy to navigate. You don’t want to give people any reasons not to come back! To make your blog stand out fast, you need to have an uncomplicated layout.

4. Have an eye-catching header

The header for your blog is extremely important. It appears at the very top of the page and typically features the title of the blog, or even a picture or logo.

Your blog header is the impression you make on all readers. So it has to be perfect. One great (and noticeable!) idea is alphabet art lettering. This is one bold and creative way to make your blog stand out quickly for all the right reasons.

5. Have personality

The last quick fix for your blog is to make it personal. An easy way to separate yourself from other blogs is to let your personality shine through! Include pictures, personal stories, and other individual touches throughout. It will help make your blog stand out fast.