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When you want to impress prospective employers or engage an audience with a presentation, you turn to your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation templates. But these people you are trying to woo have seen them all a million times. Doing something different can go a long way towards capturing their attention. The stock Microsoft Power Point Presentation templates have been tried and tested and passed on from person to person over the years and they hold no wow-factor. If you want people to at least look at your work, you need to show them something fresh that they haven’t seen before (or have seen a very countable amount of times).


The average price for a classy, unique PowerPoint Presentation template is around $29 for about eight or nine slides. If your investor pitch is highly dependent on its presentation to the investors, then a PowerPoint Presentation template is well worth the investment. It doesn’t matter to which industry you belong. You can always find eye-grabbing templates relatable to your needs.

Acquiring one of these templates is not a hassle. All you need to do is to buy and download (which is as simple as the click of a button). The templates can be fully customized and edited to suit your needs.

There are various factors you must consider before downloading a template, however. This is because finding them isn’t at all difficult. All it takes is an internet search. But how many of these templates are actually the “perfect” one? Just because you like how it looks or that it has your two favorite colors doesn’t mean it is good enough. It’s not about a template you will like; it’s about a template your audience will like. In this case, there is no point in throwing together a presentation using a template you downloaded when you could have just used the free ones that come with Microsoft Office.

So how do you choose a suitable template?

First of all, think of the industry you are in. Some (like entertainment) will be okay with a level of extravagance. Others (like engineering) certainly will not. To be on the safe side, do not overuse color. White, after all, can be just as good. You want your work (and yourself) to look professional.

When you make good use of the white spaces, do not forget to make minimal use of background images. By all means, use images—they will no doubt enhance your presentation—but just don’t use them too much. They shouldn’t “scream” to the audience or be any sort of distraction.

Finally, as much as you’d want to make a “wicked” presentation with amazing graphics and animations, it is advisable to avoid anything that will slow your presentation/computer down. That means heavy files are not acceptable. The file should not be a hassle to transfer from computer to computer.

One place to find a vast array of PowerPoint Presentation templates is Here, you will find tons of templates that will suit your needs, whatever they may be. It is wise to look through as many templates as you can and figure out where your needs lie.

Once you have identified and bought a suitable power point presentation templates, use it to speak volumes. A lot can be said through your presentation skills. Using a non-generic template will help your presentation, though that is only part of it. The rest is down to you.

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