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How to know which is the right career option after 10th

Students are particularly on tenterhooks when sitting for their board exams. An uncertain future beckons them and also they are sitting for their first major examinations. They are confused and no amount of contemplation would help them to find out the right course to reach their career goals. This is the time for them to seek professional advice by visiting various career fairs and career seminars. They might even give career counseling a serious thought, as one false step can tantamount to, nothing short of a disaster!

The Next Step of Action

Immediately stream after 10 exams preparing for the class XII becomes important as this is the time they would be able to choose their stream. As per their interests and inclinations they prepare themselves to follow a career course which would let them reach their respective goals. An unwavering focus is very much needed as this would give them right impetus to propel their career in the right direction. Apart from long and detailed discussions with their peers and guardians the students should be careful enough to cater to their individuality and not follow their friends blindly as that would be indeed professional hara-kiri in the true sense of the word!

Plunging into Career

There are many who are sorted enough to choose a career best suited for themselves, but for most confusion reigns supreme, as nowadays there are far too many lucrative career options. But would someone choose a stream just because it would lead them to plum career prospects? For instance someone who is creatively inclined would he/she would be successful in a career in science? “But I did get above 90% in mathematics so I should be choosing engineering”! A confused teenager might argue! But the student gets much happiness when she resorts to her creative inclinations. So she does not know herself! She does not possess much clarity in her thought process. Might be true but what about her parents are they also echoing similar thoughts? Why so? They are experienced people so why are they doing the most obvious thing and not fighting against clichés? The parents are mostly dictated by social stereotypes and conventions and cannot break away from them. This is the time for proper planning which would invariably give them a satisfying and fulfilling career.

A Career Counselor to the Rescue

A student plagued by indecisions could get the help of career counselors who would design scientifically oriented tests to test the innate skills of the students and find out what is their inclination and interests or which stream they should choose for a suitable career. Psychometric tests are a good way to test students and prepare them for their career. These perfectly designed tests can test your skill, your aptitude. These tests can also find out whether you are gregarious, extrovert or introvert. These tests can even catch you if you are pretending to be something else when actually you are quite opposite to what you are portraying.

Career Options

There are options galore to choose from whichever field you choose be it Arts Science or Commerce. If you pursue Arts there are a number of options awaiting you, besides being in the education field and opting for a noble profession like teacher or professor, there’s advertising, journalism and a plethora of other options. In science also besides also they can take up medical engineering and be a scientist. In commerce they can choose management or chartered accountancy. But these are the most obvious career choices. Nowadays the unconventional career choices are ruling the roost and catering to the eclectic career choices of career aspirants. You can be a successful entrepreneur or a fashion designer or a hair stylist and not only earn money but also be among the cynosure of many.

Find a Footing

Be fearless. You might find certain careers intimidating but still pursue it because you are fit for it. Never harbor fear, false premonitions about certain career. You should be true to yourself and even if there are certain false perceptions surrounding a career unleash your doggedness to seek the career of your dreams and do it however much you are persuaded against to follow it. It will be your determination, your relentless pursuit which would set you apart from the teeming millions. Fearlessness is a rare trait to have, nourished it with dollops of confidence and it would take you far.

Assured Beginning

A career is for lifetime so invest your time toil hard and give it your all, so that you can aim high and reach that coveted top position as well. The beginning can be tumultuous but once you get a strong footing, your mind ready to accept any challenges coming your way things could only better. “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.” Christian D Larson’s motivational thought should steer you forward and make you all agog and ready for the impending hurdles.