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How To Know If Your Boiler Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Boilers today are hot favourites for property owners when it comes to choosing a heating systems. This is mainly because they are durable and quite effective. However, this durability and effectiveness comes at a cost. Boilers need proper maintenance to ensure their functioning in a smooth manner. Even a small miss in the inspection of a boiler can prove to be expensive or even disastrous later.

Due to this, it is extremely important that one knows how to check the boiler properly to find out if it needs inspection or not. Below are some signs that you should be on the lookout for and know about: First and the easiest sign is the life of a boiler. If you’ve had your boiler for at least 15 years, it is time have a comprehensive look at it to see whether it needs replacement. Routine maintenance can prolong the life of your boiler beyond 15 years but if you don’t invest in certain suitable advances in technology, chances are that the boiler will malfunction anytime. Although there are upgrades available in the market for older models, you will need to do enough research for this.

One of the other and most obvious issues that can point towards a need for replacement is lack of heating. If the radiators are in good condition, still the temperature in your home is low, it can be a sign that your boiler is no longer up to the job of suitably heating your home. But here, it becomes important to ensure that the problem is not with the radiator as many times, it is the radiator which is faulty and not the boiler.

Sometimes, there is an issue with the boiler’s pilot light. Pilot light allows the boiler to fire up and start heating water or central heating. Often, this issue can be fixed by following the instructions given in the manual. You can also find these instructions on placed on the boiler door, or near the pilot light. If you are unable to fix the light by yourself, do call in the experts since who can check it for a blockage or some other issue and fix it accordingly.

Lastly, if you notice that constant repairs demanded by your boiler are proving to be extremely costly and tiring, maybe it is time to replace it. It is always better to invest huge sum of money into a new product rather than in repairing the old one. That is why, when going for a new boiler don’t forget Calgary’s premier choice for boiler, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design, installation and maintenance. A perfect combination of high quality, competitively priced service, expert knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, DHL Mechanical is ensuring safely of its clients since 1996. Do not hesitate to check out their website to get a detailed list of services offered and contact them today for a hassle free service at most affordable prices.