How to Install Apple Magic Mouse on Macbook Pro

How to install Apple Magic Mouse on Macbook Pro is an easy guide for the users to understand the installation process. Follow this guide to install your Apple Magic Mouse on your Macbook Pro effortlessly. After upgrading my MacBook Pro 15″ to OS X El Capitan, I am missing my Apple Magic Mouse. My current mouse is an optical mouse which is much less accurate and precise than the Apple Magic Mouse.

I have tried to use Bluetooth to pair the Apple Magic Mouse with my laptop, but it never worked. I read that some people had problems when they upgraded their Macbook Pro 15″. The problem I faced while trying to connect my Apple Magic Mouse to my MacBook Pro 15″ was the USB cable that comes with the Apple Magic Mouse was not long enough.

I was looking for a solution to my problem for many hours and finally found the answer on YouTube. I followed the instructions exactly as they were written, and my Magic Mouse was now installed on my Macbook Pro. It’s a simple fix, and you’ll have it done in a few minutes!

Mouse on Macbook Pro

What is the magic mouse?

The Magic Mouse is a wireless, multi-touch mouse for the Apple MacBook Pro and part of the Magic Trackpad line. It is a small mouse with a single button on its top.

It has been available since 2007 and is still being manufactured today. Its main advantages are that it is small and light and works on most surfaces.

It is not as accurate and precise as the optical mice, but it is easier to hold and use.

How to install magic mouse on macbook pro

If you’re looking for a way to connect your Magic Mouse to your Macbook Pro, here’s a solution that worked for me.

First, you need to remove the built-in touchpad of your Macbook Pro and replace it with a wired Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I replaced my wired keyboard with a wired Apple Wireless Keyboard. Then, I connected my Magic Mouse to the wired Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I connected the Magic Mouse to the wired Apple Wireless Keyboard. Finally, I turned on my MacBook Pro and joined the Magic Mouse to the wired Apple Wireless Keyboard.

After replacing the wireless keyboard with the wired one, I tried to connect the Magic Mouse to the new wireless keyboard and the new wired mouse to the latest wireless keyboard.

After connecting the wired mouse and keyboard, I opened the System Preferences and looked for the “Point & Click” option.

I found the Point & Click option and clicked on the “Connect to a Mouse” option.

Now, I need to click the “Disconnect” button, and the Magic Mouse will connect to the Macbook Pro.

Now, I need to click on the “Point & Click” option, and the Magic Mouse will be connected to the Macbook Pro.

It would help if you moved the cursor quickly and accurately to get the most out of the Magic Mouse.

Connecting Magic Mouse to Macbook Pro

I searched the internet to find out how to connect the Apple Magic Mouse to the MacBook Pro. I found out that it requires a special USB cable.

The USB cable with the Apple Magic Mouse is not long enough. To solve this problem, I bought a longer USB cable and connected it to the Apple Magic Mouse. After clicking the longer USB cable, I tried to connect it to my MacBook Pro 15″.

I plugged the longer USB cable into the Apple Magic Mouse and then into the MacBook Pro 15″ and clicked the “Charge” button on the Apple Magic Mouse.

However, nothing happened.

I tried the same thing with a different USB cable.

I plugged the USB cable into the MacBook Pro 15″ and then into the Apple Magic Mouse.

Add a new profile to your mouse.

The problem I faced while trying to connect my Apple Magic Mouse to my MacBook Pro 15″ was that the USB cable that comes with the Apple Magic Mouse was not long enough. As I had to move the mouse a few inches away from my laptop, I thought of an idea that could help. I added a new profile to my Apple Magic Mouse. I could now use the Apple Magic Mouse in my MacBook Pro 15″ easily and precisely.

Unplug the mouse from the computer

The solution might be simple if you’re having trouble connecting your mouse. If you don’t have any other mice on your computer, unplug the mouse from the USB port, and plug it back in. You can then hit the new USB cable into the mouse. Make sure you check the specifications of the new USB cable to ensure that it is the same length as the one you have now.

Frequently Asked Questions Macbook Pro

Q: What if I bought Apple Magic Mouse but can’t use it on my Macbook Pro?

A: Make sure that you downloaded the correct version of the Magic Mouse and installed it correctly. Here are the three versions of Apple Magic Mouse available for your Mac

Q: How do I install the Apple Magic mouse on a macbook pro?

A: I recently bought an Apple magic mouse, but I could not install it on my macbook pro. I followed the manual for installing it on my macbook pro, but I still couldn’t get it to work. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Top 3 Myths About Macbook Pro

1. You need to download and install the drivers first.

2. It can be installed without a computer.

3. You must ensure that you install the right mouse for your computer.


MacBook Pro has one of the best built-in trackpads on any laptop, but I wanted to see if I could install a wireless mouse instead. The installation was easy enough, and it works like a regular mouse. The only difference is that you must plug it into the power outlet to charge the batteries, but you can easily swap them out once they run out.

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