How To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Commercial Property

If you’re a property manager or commercial property owner, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve your property and succeed in your business. Regardless of what kind of commercial property you own or manage, a building with curb appeal that’s visually pleasing is more likely to draw in renters or customers.

For example, well-maintained office buildings will be full of businesses. On the flip side, office buildings that look run down or outdated may struggle to find renters. 

Furthermore, If your commercial building hosts retail shops, customers are likelier to stop by if the building looks beautiful and modern.

So, if you’re looking to increase the success of your commercial property, you can follow some tips to upgrade the aesthetics and the property overall. 

Green Roofs: A Growing Trend for Commercial Buildings — urdesignmag

Here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Tip 1: Work With A Property Management Company

If you feel your commercial building isn’t as well-maintained as you want it to be, consider working with a reputable commercial property management company. 

You may find you are too busy with your other responsibilities, especially if you have another job and can’t devote the time you need to property management. Managing property is a lot of work, so you can ease the burden by hiring a reputable company.

So, working with a business that can handle aspects of the maintenance and landscaping will keep your property looking great, and you won’t have to stress. 

Tip 2: Make Simple Adjustments

Doing a complete renovation of your property might not be an option, as this can be costly. Take a similar approach to modernize a residential property on a budget. Instead of trying to redo roofing, siding, or interiors, do what you can to upgrade the property using minor changes. Consider a new coat of paint, updating the signs outside the building, or upgrading the lighting. These changes are cheaper overall but can increase the property’s curb appeal.

Tip 3: Focus On The Landscaping

Even if you don’t feel you can make too many changes to the exterior of the building, you can greatly upgrade the look of your commercial property by redoing the landscaping. Or, if that’s out of the question due to budget, try to focus on the yard over time. 

Add in more trees or flowering plants for the springtime. Ensure that any grass is mowed regularly and that weeds are pulled. An overgrown, unkempt yard will make your commercial building look less-than-appealing, which can reflect poorly on you or any businesses occupying the space. 

Tip 4: Don’t Forget The Interiors

While most of these tips focus on improving the exterior of the building and the surrounding property, don’t neglect the interiors. Outdated or dirty furniture will likely upset renters and clients, so it could be time to swap things out. The same principles apply to the inside, so even if it’s outside your budget to completely renovate the interior, make some positive improvements within your price range.

While each commercial property is different, most owners can apply some of these tips to their current buildings. Whether you want to add in more plants, focus more on upkeep, or make other cosmetic changes, you can increase your commercial property’s curb appeal and beauty. In turn, you’re likely to see more success and find that the people in your community appreciate the upgrade space. 

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