How to increase engagement on Instagram

Beyond every aorta of doubt, social media has become the major platform for connectivity and even networking. In fact, it can be regarded as a reliable platform for marketing where potential business partners and customers can connect to satisfy their individual needs.

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In a bid to leverage on the potentials that abound on this platform as a platform of publicity, one needs to understand how to increase her engagement. Besides, it might interest you to know that Instagram being one of the most popular and having over one billion users with 500 million active daily, it is indeed a very good platform for several purposes such as marketing, self-expression and business networking etc.

Operating as a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has one of its feature called the Instagram story aspect that allows you to share information that self-destructs after 24 hours. From a marketing angle, you can use the platform to increase your engagement.

Since you want to increase your engagement, you need to adhere to what catches your audience attention. In a bid to achieve this, let’s take a close look at some simple guides;

Try giving out coupon or flash deals

Trust me, everyone would definitely want to have a feel of coupons; you can offer attractive sales coupon or Flash discounted deals to attract potentials customers as this will increase your engagement.

How about eye catching graphics?

Considering the fact that Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, you should make use of properly designed animation or graphics that are precise in passing the message across. That will improve your marketing strength and will be helpful in drawing the attraction of your clients

It’s time to try hashtags

Do you know you can create several multiple marketing campaigns with hashtags that are catching or fall in line with a trending topic that has direct relationship on your product? Check how many people are following, where it is trending and use it in such a way that it fits into your what you want.

Besides, you need to engage with your audience through comments replies on your post, and be timely in doing that. You need to understand that your response is just to keep your place in their list. However, if it is a message that involves a person trying to know more on your product, it is best you give insight and ensure, you are also free minded in your conversation.

Increasing your engagement on Instagram is something really easy and also comes in handy for you if only maximize it so as to build your marketing strength.

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