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How to improve your website’s social media strategy

Social media has a very important role to play for every business organization. Regardless of the size of your brand or business, harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other sites out there makes sense for many reasons.

Of course, your social media strategy centers around your website in a very big way. Your efforts at improving your website’s social media presence and its role in business growth can be successful with the following tips.

Everything should be of value

It is not necessary to post content on all your social media sites with boring regularity. Social media is an immensely crowded space and it makes more sense to stand apart because you are posting valuable content rather than voluminous content.

It is a long term strategy in some ways but one that will help people associate your brand very strongly with relevant and engaging content. Some things you can keep in mind are:

· Staying away from using too many hashtags.

· Using just the necessary minimum numbers of links, @mentions, tags and so on.

· Paying attention to the time at which you post your content.

· Getting creative and engaging even about your posts – however small they may be.

Your links

This is critical so do pay attention to it. It can be explained rather simply – if you post a message on Facebook talking about ‘Fall Fashion’ and then state that the readers of the message can get the latest style of autumn-themed jacket on your site – you must provide a link within the text.

Furthermore, this link should be:

· Clickable.

· Not broken and

· Should take the person only to the product page.

Many a time, social media posts have clickable links but instead of taking an individual directly to the product page, he or she lands on the ‘About Us’ or some other section altogether. This can be the most irritating thing to happen.

Profile specifics

Every social media channel has a particular identity. Your profile should be optimized for the same. So if it is visual content on Instagram then it is business-oriented content on LinkedIn and so on. Of course, you have to find out which channel suits your purposes. If your products are aimed at the business audience then it makes more sense to be on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook.

There can be a commonality for your profiles and posts and images – colors you use, kind of language you use and so on but you certainly have to tailor-make your strategy for every social media channel.

Content and CTA

Use different kinds of content – images, videos, infographics, ‘how to’ content and so on. This will appeal to everybody who reads your messages and will also establish you as an industry leader and expert in the field. You also need to have very clear and definite ‘CTA’ or call to action buttons. This is one of the best ways in which you can direct the flow of conversation and get people to convert to your desired goals.