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How to Get both from Your Shoes: Comfort and Style

We all want to look perfect every day of our life and usually sacrifice our comfort to beauty. And this is a classical belief of modern people that comfortable footwear can never be beautiful. But in this article we want to break this common delusion and give you some hints for choosing comfortable and fashionable shoes.

Find foot-friendly features. Today more and more young brands start incorporating more comfortable features into their shoes, such as wedges, lower chunky heels or platforms. Moreover, they popularize fashion which is built on comfort and beauty. At the same time most higher-end brands also adjust their manufacturing process in order to provide their customers with more comfortable footwear. Modern fashion becomes affordable and comfortable to make people not only look but also feel perfect!

Consider flats. Though it is considered today that to be beautiful you need to wear heels or classic shoes (in men’s case) 2016 trends dictate absolutely different rules. Today flats for women become one of the greatest trends because they are not only comfortable but can be a perfect addition to any look. Furthermore, as you might have noticed, classic sneakers for training become extremely popular for everyday and even red carpet events. They have incorporated into classical dresses and shorts for everyday wear. People start thinking more about being healthy and comfortable in their looks, so when you are choosing your footwear first of all make sure to choose something comfortable. Remember, that there is no sense in wearing high heels for the evening if you will not be able to stay in them for more than half an hour.

Buy boomer brands

Another great think that becomes very trendy in the recent years is getting shoes from brands which have always been known for their comfort shoes. For example, Mephisto walking shoes for men and women or Ecco become more frequently seen on the feet of TV stars. Though many people do not understand, there is also a tendency to pretty ugliness which has boomed podiums in the previous year. Birkenstock shoes and footwear might not look life the best option, for instance, but if it is combined with flourish designs of dresses, boho chic style or a-la hippies designs they become a perfect addition to the whole wear and their style simply finishes it. The rule applied here is to match something that does not go together and be open for experiments!

As you can see there is nothing hard in wearing comfortable shoes and looking beautiful. According to professional designers you just always need to be comfortable in your choice and always finish it with details to create a complete image of your style in the eyes of other people.

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