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How to File a Claim on Your Home Insurance

People are willing to pay high monthly premiums just so they can have peace of mind and assurance in case their home gets damaged or destroyed due to an accident or a natural disaster. Sadly, some insurance providers are making it difficult for their clients to claim their benefits. Although you can definitely take care of the process yourself, there are insurance adjusters who can help you in filing your claim. It is important to understand how to go about this stressful process especially if it is your first time to file a claim for home insurance. Here are some of the steps you need to take when filing an insurance claim:

· Know your policy. Most people do not really understand what’s included in their insurance coverage and benefits. Before submitting your claim application, make sure to read and understand what’s really covered on your policy. Many insurance policies have very detailed guidelines for specific home damages, where only some types of coverage apply. Evaluate the damages in your property and find out what’s covered under your policy.

· Prepare all the necessary documents. Insurance companies will require their clients to submit documents when filing claims. This includes your policy and some documentation that can support the damages your home has incurred. Photos are great proof of damages. If you have already managed to repair the damages, keep your receipts, as they can be very useful as well.

· Fill out an application form. Forms for insurance claims are usually available on your insurance provider’s website or if you have an agent, you can ask them for a copy. Take time to fill out the form and understand what’s written there before you sign the dotted line. Put all your contact details so it will be easier for the insurance company to contact you in case they have questions.

· Contact underwriting. This is the department responsible for evaluating your claim. The sooner the claim adjuster inspects your home, the sooner they can process your claim. After you have filed your claim, know how the process will go, how long it will take and who are the persons you can contact in case you need to follow up.

· Follow up on your claim. Do not wait for them to contact you when you have the means to contact them. Check on them periodically on how things are going with your claim. Don’t be afraid to be assertive – you have every right to collect your settlement.

In case you find it really difficult file your claim on your own or your insurance company is not dealing with your request satisfactorily, you can ask help from a reputable and independent insurance adjuster. They can take care of filing your claim on your behalf and make sure your insurance provider awards you a fair and just settlement.