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How to Effectively Use Promotional Products

We all know that promotional products are not merely gifts. They have a purpose of attracting new customers to your business, of increasing brand recognition and awareness and to help grow your business multi-fold. They are a cost-effective way to market your product to a larger group of audience without too much effort on advertising. Wondering what exactly can promotional products do for you?

1. Create and establish Solid Relationships

It is mostly always a give and take relationship. If you give a product to a potential customer, voter or donor, they are likely to give back their loyalty to you in form of a donation, support and purchase. According to most market surveys, more than half the participants who receive a promotional product end up in a business transaction with the company.

2. Driving Attention

Every business wants to attractor public attention to the company, campaign or the cause. Promotional products are a better way than the traditional advertising methods. Surveys reveal that the foot traffic doubles to counters where promotional products are handed out.

3. They last (sometimes) longer than the company, cause or campaign

The products provide brand awareness and recognition for longer duration of time as compared to traditional advertising. Infact, often they provide exposure longer than the duration of your campaign as most people are likely to keep the promotional product for a duration of around a year.

4. Increase brand recognition

Promotional items reach an audience which is beyond the targeted boundaries. For instance, if you hand out t-shirts and one of the recipients wears in to the gym, the park or for shopping, it is likely that it will noticed by atleast 5 more people. Users of your promotional products function for you almost like walking billboards.

5. They could be the reason for your largest customer, most frequent donor, or biggest supporter

The products are designed to get revenue for the business and arise interest from supporters and potential donors. Promotional products thereby make your attempt at gaining attention more successful.

Guide to Giving Promotional Products to Employees

It is a great idea to acknowledge your team’s behaviour, accomplishments and undying effort that support your company’s causes, goals and values. This employee recognition can be in the form of promotional products

-Tablet Cases: Tablet cases are ideal for students, technology company employees or those who are constantly on the move with their tablets for increased attention

-Mugs: The on the go coffee mug provides brand recognition and excellent exposure.

– Notebooks : For designations that require ample writing, it is a perfect gift to carry to meetings and conferences.

-Calendars : Calendars and planners are promotional items that not only ensure that the message sticks around but also helps you mark major company events for the employees.

-Key Rings : They are useful for almost all employees and are mostly a within your budget promotional gift. Beverage companies for instance can plan for a beverage wrench keychains as a giveaway for bars to gain exposure. handles all your promotional product needs within your budget and to best benefit your company.