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How to Download Photos from iCloud Using FonePaw

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As we all know, we are living in the Digital Era, and in today’s world, you will hardly find anyone who uses a smartphone or a laptop. These smartphones are basically a kind of mini computers which easily fits in your pockets. Every day, millions of people use their iPhone to store their precious data, like photos, notes, contacts, videos, etc. But have you ever be in kind of a situation when you accidentally damaged your iPhone or your iPhone has been stolen?

Now when you lose your iPhone, not only you lose your identity in a kind of way, but you also lose your precious data. Therefore, it is better to have a copy of your iPhone data, so if in a case when you lose or damage your iPhone you don’t need to worry about the data stored in it.

To help iPhone users protect their precious data, Apple back in 2011 introduced their own cloud computing service, the iCloud. So, if you are having an iPhone that runs on iOS 8 or on the later version, then you can easily store your precious data like photos, documents, etc. in iCloud. So if in case, you lose your smartphone then you can easily recover the stored data from the iCloud to your Macintosh or PC.

Advantages of using the iCloud service:

advantages of icloud

Cross platform support: One of the main reasons to use the iCloud service is that, not only you can recover your iPhone data on your Mac, but even on your Windows PC. So, suppose when you take a photo using your iPhone, you can easily view it on your Mac or even on your Windows PC.

Security: All electronic devices are prone to damages, even your highly secured Mac or Windows PC might get hit by a virus, which may corrupt your valuable files, so it is better to store them in iCloud, so that they remain safe, and you can access those files from anywhere, whenever you need it.

Safety: This is where the iCloud storage service really shine, Apple provides two-step verification process, which makes sure that no unauthorized users get access to your precious photos or document, even if they know your password, they have to confirm that they are accessing from a trusted device.

Storage Space options: For every user, the iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage, but you can also upgrade the storage as Apple provides various storage plans, users can select a storage plan that offers 1 TB of storage option.

Easy access and synchronization: If you are writing an important application in your office using a Windows PC, but somehow, you failed to complete it just store the file in iCloud and then when you get back home, you can easily get the file on your Mac and start working on the document using Pages. Once any kind of edit in done on a file stored in iCloud, the changes will be synchronized in all the devices gaining access to the iCloud.

How to download photos from iCloud using FonePaw application?

FonePaw is a well-known data recovery software for iOS, the application is used for retrieving lost data from an iPhone, iPad & iPod. The application is very simple & easy to use and helps you recover your lost data within few clicks (scan, preview and recover). The application offers 3 intelligent modes for recovering data. Now, before getting started let’s talk about some of the key features of the application:

  • The FonePaw application can easily retrieve Contacts, WhatsApp history, Messages, Safari bookmarks, Voice Memo, App photos, etc. from your iPhone, even if your iPhone is broken.
  • The application easily works with iPhone 6 series smartphone, without any kind of issues.
  • The application can easily be used on a Macintosh or Windows computer, so you can easily install the software and recover files from your iPhone even from a Windows PC.

For downloading, the application on your Windows PC, use the given link ( Whereas, for downloading the application on your Mac use this link (

Once you have installed the application, please follow the given steps to download photos from iCloud:

download photos from icloud


Step 1: Now, launch the FonePaw application, and select “Recover from iCloud Backup File”. Now sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 2: After you have entered in your iCloud account, all the files you had previously backed up will be displayed, now, select the photos you want to retrieve and download, after that click on ‘Next’.

Step 3: Once scanning is done, click on Camera Roll, Photo Library, and App Photos to view the found photos, now choose the photos which you want to retrieve and then click on ‘Recover’ to download the photos from iCloud to your computer.

That’s it, as you can see the how much easy it is to download photos from iCloud using the FonePaw application. So, if you are having an iPhone, iPad or even iPod, then the FonePaw application is one of the most important tools which you must use, for recovering lost data from your iPhone.