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How to Choose the Right Whirlpool Bath for Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has long been used to treat arthritis, high blood pressure, and fibromyalgia; the warm, circulating water increases your circulation and causes the release of endorphins which cause you to relax and feel better. Hydrotherapy can make your immune system stronger, help injured tissue to heal more quickly, and can rejuvenate your body. There are some special points to consider when you are shopping for the right whirlpool bath to use to heal your body and to improve your mental and physical conditions.


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Look at Jet Options

Whirlpool baths can accommodate your hydrotherapy plans if there are massaging jets located in a variety of places in the tub. You’ll want to be able to direct the jets toward your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and neck, so it’s a good idea to plan where you want the jets to meet your individual needs. Check out some examples at By releasing a soothing combination of water and air, these jets can alleviate muscle and joint pain and can help to reduce your stress levels almost immediately.

The Power of Jets

Look for jets that are powered by a pump that’s large enough to give you a quality hydrotherapy session. The rule of thumb is that if you have more jets, you’ll need a larger pump to drive the force behind them that will provide you with the therapy that you need. Ask about how many pumps the whirlpool has, how many speeds they have, and if there is a circulation pump that works in conjunction with a one-speed pump. When you want powerful jets that massage your stiff back, your sore neck, or your tired feet you’ll want a pump that gives you the force that you need to feel an improvement in your physical condition.

Controls and Temperature

So that you’ll use your whirlpool enough to get your money’s worth you must be able to control it, vary the water temperature, and move the jets into positions that give you the relief that you need. The control panel should be easy to read, understand and operate; be sure to read the owner’s manual before you enter your whirlpool for the first time. Make sure that you know how long you can stay in the tub and what temperature setting you should have for effective hydrotherapy sessions. You should also ask your doctor about the ideal water temperature, if you have any medical condition, so that you will be comfortable and still receive the benefits of a whirlpool.

Choosing the right whirlpool for your hydrotherapy needs involves making sure your tub has enough jets that are powered by the right size pump. The controls must be easy to see and operate and you must be knowledgeable about the right water temperature and length of time that you can stay in your whirlpool for maximum benefits.