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How to Choose the Right Type of Coffee Maker

Choosing the right type of coffee maker can be difficult if you aren’t sure which one you need. Nowadays there are numerous varieties available – each one offering a different approach as well as taste.

In order to choose the right type of coffee maker, you should first know a bit about them:

  • Single-serve or pod coffee makers

Currently one of the trendy types of coffee makers are the single serve or ‘pod’ coffee makers. Also sometimes known as ‘capsule’ coffee makers, they essentially make a single cup of coffee using a sealed pod. The reason for their popularity is they are extremely easy to use, and require minimal clean up yet at the same time the cost-per-cup is higher and you will have to use capsules or pods that are unique to the brand that you purchase.

  • Automatic drips

Another type of coffee maker that is easy to use are the automatic drips. After water is filled in the reservoir it will heat up and pour it over the coffee grounds in the filter then drip it into the coffee pot below. While far from instant, you can brew a larger number of cups of coffee at the same time that will be kept warm on the warming plate. If you do opt to go down this route, some of the extra features that come with automatic drips can make a world of difference – such as programmable brewing and scheduled timers.

  • Cappuccino and espresso machines

For the true aficionado there is no substitute for espresso machines and they are the kind that you’ll find at coffee shops. Nowadays there are some ‘home-sized’ variants that are easier to use, but most will have some learning curve. Still if you enjoy flexibility then the complexity of espresso machines is worth the trade-of, as it will give you full control over the coffee that you brew.

  • Bean-to-cup machines

As their name implies, these are coffee makers that include a grinder so you can use any coffee beans that you want. Some are even a little bit easier to use than the more traditional espresso machines, but expect to pay a premium for this sort of coffee maker.

  • French press

With a French press, the coffee grounds are steeped in water and then a filter is pressed downwards to separate the grounds from the coffee. It is a simple and easy-to-use coffee maker, but a bit of timing and skill is required to produce a robust flavor. If you want you can find French press styled coffee makers in various sizes, some of which can cater to up to 12 cups of coffee at a time.

Needless to say there are other considerations that you may need to take into account when choosing a coffee maker. In particular the normal European 220 volt coffee maker can’t be used in North America. That being said once you decide on the type that you’re after, you should easily be able to find a variant that is designed to work in your location.

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