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How to Choose the Right Massage Therapist

Getting a relaxing massage is all too important in today’s world, where stress is an integral part of working life. Getting a massage is a wonderful, safe, and healthy way of releasing all the tension in your body, leaving you refreshed and relaxed, and with a calmer outlook on life. However, finding the right massage therapist – one best suited to your body and your unique needs – may be a difficult task.

Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissue of the body – including muscles and ligaments – to relieve stress, muscular cramps and pain. Massage therapy can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions – and is useful even if the customer has a disability or is unwell.

One of the first questions to ask yourself while looking for a massage therapist is what you expect from the massage – whether you’re getting a massage to reduce stress, to help with muscular cramps, or to improve your general health, or to make you more flexible and help you in athletics.

However, if your general physician or physical therapist recommended a massage, or if someone you know suffers from the same ache or problem, it is easier to get personal recommendations.

Getting personal recommendations from friends or from your general physician is very useful, because these recommendations are from people you trust. Another benefit is that your friends/ medical help will be able to answer any specific question you have, and explain the benefits you may receive if you visit the massage therapist. Other sources for recommendations could be from professional institutions, which tend to look at the credentials of the massage therapists before giving out recommendations to the general public.

Keep your personal preferences, like location or gender (whether you would inherently feel more comfortable with a male or female massage therapist) in mind, while looking for a massage therapist.

Once you have the recommendation or number at hand, it is always useful to give the massage therapist a call, to find out general information, like how long the therapist has been practicing, the technique they use (and whether that specific technique will be harmful to your body or not), among other things. You can also ask them about their training, and where they got certified, if you wish to know their credentials.

One final question to ask the massage therapist is the cost, and how financially feasible this massage will be for you. You can ask how long a session is, and how long each session costs – and if there are different fee structures for different techniques used. You may also ask if they have offers or packages available to the public.

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