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How to choose secure cloud storage for your business?

Cloud computing is a new revolutionized way of managing the company data and information and small to large companies are taking a big step in this direction. The landscape of information technology has been changed to a significant level due to the emergence of cloud computing techniques and this has reduced the costs and operation complexities within the organizations. Using cloud storage solutions for your business negates the use of traditional expensive hardware to store the data and provides a better means of centralized data storage using the cloud computing technology.

Importance of cloud technology and secure cloud storage

The cloud technology provides a cost effective and an efficient management process which helps the businesses to accelerate the technology exchanges. The demands for agility and flexibility are also achieved due to the cloud technologies. But as a cloud computing data user, it is important for you to observe security measures to complement the existing security present in the cloud computing data server and get secure cloud storage. The major threats are the security breach through cybercrime activities which can penetrate through the security features which are already built-in. Most of the threats can be directed towards stealing the company trade secrets and intellectual property breach.

Securing cloud data for your business

While the cloud storage solutions already have their own security measures aiming to define a better protection, business enterprises should take their own security measures in order to strengthen the cloud data security further and reach a level of secure cloud storage. Here are some of the important steps.

Have a control over the employees who have access to sensitive data of the company on cloud- Businesses have employees who are provided the privilege of access to the company’s cloud data which may contain the company’s trade secrets and intellectual property materials. There should be some security measures in place to limit the access to the cloud storage solutions in order to prevent any leakage and security breach. Moreover these employees should be given proper training to have a better handling of sensitive data.

Data segregation and cloud storage solutions

Data segregation – The company data should be segregated according to the sensitivity level and an additional security level of encryption should be added to process the requests. Effective monitoring process should be there for every level of data in the organization.

IT security staff should constantly monitor cloud data access and security – To have a secure cloud storage it is important that the IT security staff should undertake a constant monitoring about the cloud data access and should keep your system up-to-date regarding the security measures which are implemented.

Isolation of company’s data from personal data on mobile devices- Implement a policy which requires surrender of mobile devices from the employees in order to check any vulnerability on their mobile devices to the cloud storage solutions of the company. It is also required to subject the mobile devices to a stringent mobile device management system.

The methods explained above will certainly help you to reach the level of secure cloud storage in your enterprise.