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How to Bypass or Remove Survey from Any Website

Internet is full of crappy websites providing you something you which to have with some limitations, many people upload content on survey generated websites which when passed you will get link to that file and they will earn money, but the real deal is that those websites simply does not work. Either they will say that survey is not completed or survey not available in your country. So we found an interesting survey bypassing or removing JavaScript which can do your job quit perfectly.

See Supported Websites and Get JavaScript Codes :

You can check out list of supported survey orwebsites for which this JavaScript will work and now you just have to grab those JavaScript codes here and than when ever you visit any of the above listed survey website just copy any one JavaScript code and than paste it in your URL section and that’s it done.

Things you should be aware off :

You must have a JavaScript enabled and browser should be compatible, well now days every browser is compatible so make sure its updated. Now this may work or sometimes may not the real deal is that we haven’t tried it yet and we are just providing you with the source code so try it out if you find any difficulties make sure to comment below.