How to Buy Granite Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most functional rooms in a house, and it becomes imperative to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. The kitchen functionality cannot be compromised, and much planning and thought is invested in setting it up. Everything has to be correctly placed, from the shelves to the utility, so that movement becomes easy and the kitchen looks spacious. The flooring, the wall tiles, and every other fixture in the kitchen should be selected only after considering the kitchen’s functionality, and all of them would collectively complement each other.


A granite countertop in a kitchen might do the drill and add the elegance required in the kitchen. A decision of a countertop might sound easy, but it is a fairly complex one. Selecting the correct grade of granite, design, and texture and balancing all of this within a budget could be a great challenge. Here are some tips that will make this Herculean task a child’s play.


A colorful decision: As we know, granite comes in various varieties, and making a decision could be confusing. Selection of the color and style should be made to go well with the kitchen floor and wall design. Different granite could have different textures, so all options should be explored. A rare color such as red, yellow, etc., although it would look exquisite wou,ld increase granite cost. If money is no problem, then these colors could prove to be enchanting. If you want a budget-friendly granite piece, a black one will do the drill.

The options delusion: A granite dealer might offer several granite grades, which could come in different forms ranging from tiles to modular granite. The higher the quality, the better the granite would be. An ungraded granite would mean it hasn’t been inspected professionally and shouldn’t be bought. The higher-grade granites do not only look premium but are much more durable than normal granite. Their life may be more than 17 years. So, choose a better grade option if you do not want to change the slab now and then and enjoy a premium feel.

Size Matters: The granite slabs are sold according to the slab’s dimensions. If you would like to stay within your budget and invest in granite, it would be better to select a smaller size, saving you a lot of money. The counter space required would give you an idea about the slab of granite you would require. A small granite slab could compromise your counter space, and a big slab, on the other hand, would compromise the space available for movement in the kitchen.

Once you have selected these and decided, you could employ a professional for installing these slabs. It is a pretty complex process, and your handyman might not be able to do it. So, go ahead and follow these steps to save some money and install a premium granite tile.

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