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How to Build A Highly Profitable Blog Sales Funnel?

Starting a blog on WordPress is really easy. It won’t take even 5 minutes. But driving traffic to a blog is hard. Making money from it is EVEN hard.

Did you know 90% of the blogs don’t make even $100? That’s true. Majority of the bloggers fail to make money from their blogs is because they don’t have a sales funnel.

In this post, you will find what is a blog sales funnel and how to create one to start making huge profits from your blogging efforts?

Are you curious to find out? Let’s get started.

What is a blog sales funnel?

The ability to turn random blog visitors into loyal customers is what blog sales is basically all about. Any profitable blog sales funnel starts with an incentive (lead magnet). It is used to grab the emails of the random blog visitors.

Once you turn the random traffic into subscribers, you can then make sales by building rapport through your email list.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

If you want to build a profitable blog that makes money, you need to have a blog sales funnel. That means you need to find a way to turn random people into subscribers into buyers. It’s as simple as that.

A sales funnel allows you NOT only to turn one time blog visitors into repeated readers but also them into loyal customers who are ready to buy whatever you recommend. If you are not building a sales funnel yet, you are making a HUGE mistake. It is also the #1 reason why 90% of the bloggers don’t make any money from their blogs.

So in this detailed post, we’ll discover how to build a highly profitable sales funnel that helps you make more sales without investing thousands of dollars. Are you ready?

Let’s dive into the details without much ado.

How to build a blog sales funnel that makes money?

Turning random blog visitors into email subscribers

Most bloggers fail to build profitable blogs because of one reason. They rely too much upon Google’s traffic. See, you can never predicts how Google is going to penalize your sites in future.

So depending upon search engines traffic is not a smart strategy if you want to build a thriving online business through your blogs or websites. So what’s the better alternative?

Turn your random website traffic into email subscribers so you can use your email lists to create awareness about the products, services or apps you promote or create.

If you are wondering how to turn random blog visitors into high quality email subscribers, I’ve some great tips for you.

1. Offer an incentive: Giving away an eBook, plugin or a theme for free in exchange for collecting emails of your website visitors is the surest way to quadruple your email list. If you are building an email list, make sure to find a way to create a lead magnet (you can also try on Fiverr for producing incentives for cheap) that suits your audience.

2. Use email opt-in forms in the right places: The most easiest and effective way to boost your email signups is to show your email opt-in forms in most places on your blog. You can use them on top of the sidebar, at the end of every single blog post, footer section, header section using Hello bar, popup, on your about page etc. By giving more visibility to your email signup forms, you can get more people to subscribe to your email lists.

3. Use content upgrades: Every time you write a new blog post, try to persuade your readers by giving something extra value around your blog topic. You can use checklist, pdf of your posts or video version of your post and ask your audience to get them by entering their email address. This strategy is known as content upgrades. It is one of the most effective list building strategies to build a targeted email list.

4. Ask: Simply ask your readers, Facebook fans, twitter followers and your blog commenters to subscribe to your email list. Just by asking others to subscribe, you can definitely bring more people into your email lists. You need to give a reason and if your audience or followers find your reason compelling, you can grow your list rapidly.

5. Use guest posts: Guest posting is still one of the most effective ways to grow your email list by bringing targeted visitors to your blogs. Try to land on the top blogs in your industry with your guest posts so you can bring more traffic to your sites and grow your email lists.

Educating your subscribers about the products you promote

Creating an email follow up series is extremely important. Most people forget about creating broadcast series to send to their email lists. That’s why they fail to nurture their email subscribers.

What happens when your subscribers are not aware of the products or services you recommend? They simply don’t buy when you pitch your stuff. It’s as simple as that.

You should know more about email subscribers than they know about themselves. You should speak their language. You should know their wants and needs. And only then, you can find the RIGHT products or services that solve their problems.

By pitching those right products to your email list by creating a follow up email series, you can educate your subscribers about why they should try. Then, you will start noticing more and more people taking action on your emails. That’s how you get more conversion rates and more importantly your email list sales would skyrocket.

If you don’t know how to create a great email autoresponder series that will turn your subscribers into repeated customers, here are few effective strategies you can implement.

? Focus on defining your ideal audience first. Only when you know who you are sending your emails, you can boost your email open rates, click through rates and sales. Ask yourself, “who is the ONE ideal customer am I targeting to?” and work yourself from there, you will get amazing answers to target the right people to send your emails.

? Once you define your ideal email subscribers, create a welcome email to immediately start engaging with them. You can create an email autoresponder series from your email marketing software like MailChimp or GetResponse to send emails at particular days after someone subscribing to your email list. That way they will get emails regularly without your involvement.

? Focus on giving huge benefits. Make sure to also use compelling subject lines. Otherwise, you won’t get much open rates for your email list. You can use Copyblogger resources and Jon Morrow’s headline hacks to create powerful headlines that make anyone click on your links or emails.

? While creating your email autoresponder series, make sure to add value by sending educational emails instead of sales pitches.

? Remember that, you can make money from your email lists only when your subscribers have faith in you. No one likes to buy from strangers so building a strong rapport should be your top priority with your autoresponder series.

Making sales from the nurtured email list

Don’t sound like a salesman when trying to sell to your email list.

If you all do is to send sales pitches to your email list, they will throw your emails into either their spam folder or simply ignore your emails.

By creating the most profitable email sales funnel and by sending the most valuable emails that provide huge value at free of cost at first can dramatically increase your sales when you pitch something later on.

You should focus on one mantra and that is to give, give, give, give, take, give, give, give, give and so on. Did you get that?

The first 4 to 6 emails from your email follow up series should NOT focus on selling anything. Just focus on providing huge value without pitching anything. Then, you can start providing a tripwire (a small valued product typically around $5 to $20) and again provide more value.

After 10 to 15 emails, you can later upsell by recommending a $50 or $100 product. You can continue doing this until you provide your profit maximizer (which is either your high-end product or service) that typically costs around $500 to $1000. That’s how you monetize your email list by going small and providing huge value for free upfront.

As I said earlier starting a blog is easy but making money from it is hard. Here are few more strategies to start making money from your email list.

? You can try getting sponsored ads to promote through your email list. You can contact small businesses or product developers who are relevant to your industry and start pitching them about your email list sponsored ads. Most people will glad to pay you if you have high email open rates or click through rates.

? If you don’t want to monetize your email list by sending others ads or links, you can start offering minimum viable products (MVP) or your own services. You can start selling your email list by going small. Instead of pitching high priced products from the beginning, start selling small priced products that range from $10 to $50. Once you start getting sales from them, you can pitch high end products or services to your email subscribers.

? One of the best ways to make money from your email list is to promote affiliate products you personally use and trust. That way both your subscribers and you will get huge value. NEVER recommend an affiliate product that you don’t use and never promote something just for the sake of getting high commissions. Your email subscribers will ignore you if you do such activities. And don’t forget to send highly valuable emails in between your sales pitches.

Final thoughts about building a blog sales funnel

Getting attention of your website visitors is hard. Most people who land on your sites for the first time won’t return EVER again. That’s why building an email list is important. That’s the reason why you should focus on turning first time website visitors into email subscribers.

Once you do that, you can then start using your email lists to add HUGE value with your email follow up series and pitch your products or services to start making money.

In this Post-Penguin world, you really can’t depend on Google’s traffic. You never know when your site gets penalized, so it’s a smart strategy to focus on building a thriving network around your blogs.

Making money from your blogs becomes easy when you build a blog sales funnel which allows you to convert normal visitors into loyal customers. By using the strategies mentioned above, you can easily create a highly profitable sales funnel for your sites.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any more tips or strategies to build and grow a successful blog sales funnel? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.