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How Starting a Student Blog Could Help You

As a student, you might think you’ve got enough going on without adding a time-consuming hobby like blogging into the mix. However, blogging can have many benefits, and be well worth your time and effort. It could even end up being a career one day. As a student, you’ll have a huge range of different experiences to write about, so you’ll never be short of content.

Learn New Skills

Blogging is a wonderful way to learn new skills while having fun, which is undoubtedly the best way to learn. You’ll learn about web design, php, css, html, marketing, social media management, graphic design, networking, photography and writing, among other things.

Meet New People

Blogging allows you to come in to contact with a huge range of different people. You’ll chat to other bloggers, as well as your readers, and could potentially build lifelong relationships and a close support network. While many of these relationships could remain online, thanks to blogging conferences and meet ups, you could meet some people in real life. Blogging is much more social than you might expect.


If you blog about your field of study, such as a library science masters, you could potentially make some very useful connections for your future. Blogging is a great way to get a foot in the door and get to know people already working in your field. Who knows, if you’re good enough, people you admire might even end up following you.

Earn Money

Blogging is a great way to make a little extra money. To make a decent income, you need to give it a lot of time and commitment, which you may not be able to do until you graduate. But, there are many ways to make money blogging. Some of the best include:

· Advertising

· Sponsored posts

· Affiliate marketing

· A member’s area

· E-commerce

Get Writing

The best way to be a better writer is to write. Blogging is a great way to do it. Whether you choose to write a generic student blog, or to specialize, perhaps with ‘life on a student budget’ or the experience of studying online at the University of Southern California, you’ll have a wealth of topics to write about. For more valuable experience, write guest posts for other blogs. This will get you writing on a wider range of topics and increase exposure for your own blog.

Build Your Resume

Running a successful blog will look great on your resume. You could potentially win awards or get published elsewhere, as well as having some great skills to list. Blogging whilst studying also shows you have great organizational skills, time management skills, and motivation, as well as showing that you are a great writer. You could also use your blog to start building a portfolio of your work.

Remember, while you are at college, your studies must come first. If you study online, such as a library science degree, then you may be able to fit blogging around your flexible schedule more easily. But, until you graduate, your studies are the most important thing.

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